19L portable freezer cooler 12 volt refrigerator freezer

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Post Date: Aug 24,2015

Product Description: 19L portable freezer cooler 12 volt refrigerator freezer

19L portable freezer cooler 12volt refrigerator freezer



2.Temp.adjustable range:-5~+65C

3.Refrigeration system:double refrigeration


5.Suited power:12-24V AC220V





Service condition

when freezing unfrozen food & drinks,it will take about 2-3 hours.as the car fridge is not designed for freezing foods,it is used to keeping warm.if use it correctly according to the instruction,the foods can be thermal insulation for several times.



place the switch on the car frideg to the"off" button,put the one side of the electric wire in the car fridge socket,anpther side to be putted in the cigar lighter in car,

Refrigeration:place the switch on the"cool"button,then the green light will be turned on ,that shows the cooling function.Heating:place the switch on the"hot" button,then the red light will be turned on,that shows the heating function.



Instructions for use

Using in car

Using in home appliance

1.Working voltage: DC12V,

the power source is controlled by the car key.

1.Working voltage:AC 220V

Key on:    engine start 

Key off :  flameout


Attention:when the refrigerator working,the car must be motored to avoid the damage of the storage battery.


2.Put the DC cable in the car cigar lighter

2.Put the DC cable in the car cigar lighter

3.Switch put in DC

3.Switch put in DC



1.For correct using,please read the follow announcements carefully,the incorrect using can result in the hutr of people and the damage of the small fridge.

2.Avoid the fan beed blocked,the block will speed up the heating, which will cause the fire hazard.fir,clothe,etc should not put on the fridge.

3.The plug of the wire should be inserted strictly,otherwise will result in the heating and damage of the waire and the plug,even will cause the fire hazard.

4.The fridge should be placed far away from the tinder and the moist area.to avoid the explosion and the fire hazard.

5.Do not take apart or rechange the fridge.

6.When refrigeration,please donot open the heating function suddenly.when heating,please donot open the refrigeration function suddenly.(place the switch on"off" for 30minutes then to start)

7.Donot use water to clear the machine.

8.Donot inversion.

9.Avoid collide and vibrate.


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