car polisher CORDLESS POWER POLISHER for polishing paint surface

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Post Date: Aug 24,2015

Product Description: car polisher CORDLESS POWER POLISHER for polishing paint surface






Battery type. Can use outdoor.

Very light and easy to operate.

Mirror finish as a pro detailer.









"I want to make a glossy finish like a polishing shop !"
We had got a lot of above mails from our customer. Is it also your dream?

Of course, asking to the pro shop is the best way. But it is very expensive.

It costs from 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen per one time.

It is one reason to make you hesitate.

Our original "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER " is a special polisher which can achieve a professional finish coating with the same level as the pro shops.
You can use this product, although you do not have experience or you have no confidence about polishing or your are women who are not good with machine.

We would like to recommend this product for the car owners who want to make their cars cleaner and cleaner.



Comfortable to use anywhere with cordless polisher!


The outstanding feature is cordless type!

There are cigarette lighter socket type and cordless type.

But the polishing power was so weak that you could not remove stains and scratches from painted surface.

On the contrary, a powerful polisher which you must take the energy from power supply, could not be used outside outdoor.

The original "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER " is able to solve the above problem.
If it is possible to charge the battery at home, you can use anywhere even a place where there is no power supply.  



Very light weight. Anyone can use.


The important factor is ease of use!
The most important point for daily use is the weight of the polisher.

The polisher for professional use has surely polishing power but the weight is very heavy.

It is difficult for ordinary car owners who do not get used to polishing with this type.

The weight might cause an accident for a beginner.

As to "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER", we have succeeded in miniaturization and weight reduction.

The weight of main body is 1.32kg and the weight of battery is only 185g, very easy to handle.
Just understand the points, women and children can also use it easily.



The size of the buff becomes smaller! Can polish even a narrow area!


The buff size that is commonly used in professional polisher (see the right photo) is large size 185mm and is difficult for general users who are not familiar with polishing .

In the coating pro shops, polishing technicians get used to working with a large buff.

And the large size is necessary for the pro shops to save polishing time.

However, it needs arm's power to use a large buff.

It is hard for a person who does not get used to polishing or has not power enough to use it.

In "CORDLESS POWER POLISHER“ we have decided to use a smaller size approximately 150mm.
With 150mm-size buff, you do not need to use a lot of power to control a polisher and can polish thoroughly even narrow area.



Clean trunk as well! Polisher in original case!


After washing car, the car has a nice shine but car care tools scatter all around the car trunk.

When car care products and tools increase, you car trunk becomes a scattered trunk junk.

“CORDLESS POWER POLISHER ” has its own original case, you can store it neatly.

In order to use for the long period, the original case will help you check if you still have all accessories in your hand.  




[1]   Charge the battery by the dedicated charger .

[2]   Attach the battery to the body .

[3]   Attach a sponge buff to the pad.

[4] Put on the switch and polish.



Please wash and remove off the deposits before you do the polishing.

There are various deposits, dust, sand and iron powder on the painted surface.

If you polish without removing that, it might make scratches on the surface.


How hard to improve scratched, tains and dullness mainly depends the degree/level/depth of scratches, stains and dullness.
It might be difficult to improve deeply eroded stains or deep scratches and the dullness by aging for many years, even if they may seem light pain, there might be possible to not be improved.

Please understand this point.

In addition, the diagnosis before the actual work would be difficult how well scratches and stains to be removed.

There is no other way to check whether the surface will be improved.

The only way is to use polisher firstly and then check the result.  



Body x1
Battery x1
Charger x1
Sponge buff(150mm diameter) x1
Reference x1
Construction manual x1
Storage case x1

Batch Information
Item #382
Application: polishing machine
voltage : 10.8 V d.c.
number of revolutions : 3500/minute
charging time : 1.5 hour(auto off)
weight(with battery) : 1.32Kg(battery 0.185kg)
buff size : 150mmΦ




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