GSM SMS/DIAL Burglar Alarm And Remote Control System

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Product Description: GSM SMS/DIAL Burglar Alarm And Remote Control System

• Individual protection of houses, garages, cottages and other premises.
• For remote monitoring and control of premises and for control via GSM network.
• Remote control of the devices via GSM network
• Access control. Gate/door control.
• Automation of premises, temperature and voltage control.
• GSM thermostat for premises and heating systems.
• GSM thermometer
• Remote voice listening.
GSM communication module GTalarm (hereinafter the Module) is applied for transferring of GSM SMS messages to the mobile phone of a user. The module GTalarm may be applied for protection of house, garages, cottages, vehicles as well as for access control, gate control, objects automation, smart house and temperature control. For premisses protection and many other applications.
In the event of burglary, the device, depending on programmed operation algorithm, is able to call or to send SMS to up to 16 users. A user is able to hear what is going on premises after answering a call or he may make a call by himself. A user is able to receive an SMS with detailed information about status of each protected zone and number of alarm events. The user is able to control the device via SMS messages only if he knows user's password. If a call is being performed from the telephone number not included in the systems data base, the call is rejected immediately.
The module has system voltage control. If power supply voltage drops below the defined value, a user automatically will be notified via SMS. The SMS message includes voltage of backup battery (System Voltage). The module has external temperature sensor. A user receives information about temperature alarms and restores via SMS messages. The SMS on voltage of the module and ambient temperature is also available. Temperature may be measured in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
SMS periodical test ensures communication control of the module. Test sending time is programmable [Test Time]. The test will include all essential information: GSM communication strength, system (car battery's) power supply voltage, temperature and IMEI of the module.
Remote Control by Dialling The module compares incoming number with programmed users' numbers and in a case of coincide activates an output or other action and interrupts the call automatically.
All parameters of the module should be configured via PC by using software SERA or in remote manner by sending appropriate SMS including password.

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