Stuffed Plush Toys Teddy Bear Cutting Machine with Laser

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Post Date: Jan 28,2013

Product Description: Stuffed Plush Toys Teddy Bear Cutting Machine with Laser

Golden Laser’s patent multi-head laser control technology not only ensures uniformity of laser head power configuration, but also can adjust distance between laser heads according to the width of the processed materials. On the precondition of most saving fabric, the software ensures the maximum amount of laser heads on work and greatly improves working efficiency. Meanwhile, the software integrates the professional characteristics of toy industry. It is allocated with embedded processing nesting software. The software saves energy cost and fabric wastage to the maximum, automatically controls processing direction about whether from the left or right side of the fabric and calculates output of the products, which makes it convenient for the clients to control processing.

Advantage of Multi-heads laser cutter for toys industry:
1.Auto-distributed distance: The distance between laser heads can be automatically controlled by computer, it will increase your working efficiency.
2.Multifunction: you can use double heads working at the same time; also you can use one head to do the whole working table processing.
3.No waste even in the edge of your fabric.
4.Save your material to its limit: The nesting software will make the usage factor of fabric reach to above 90%.
6.Equipped with conveyor working table and auto feeding system optional which can make continuous feeding and cutting.

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