Mini home use 808nm diode laser hair removal Machine

Price: US $ 1 - 150 / Piece
Brand Name: JMLB
Model Number: JMLB-011
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Feb 22,2012

Product Description: Mini home use 808nm diode laser hair removal Machine

Mini Best 808nm laser home use hair removal Machine

* Suitable for hair on all part of body

* Guaranteed laser lifetime of 1,000 hours

* 808nm diode laser which is the best laser for hair removal

* Suitable for all skin types

* 7-day-return policy

* Easy to use

* Mini and portable, can be hold on hands

* Safe, no side effect, no burn of skin, no wound, no scar

How To Remove Hair?

1. Shave/ Clipper hair one or two days before your treatment (Do not pull hair out with tweezers or was).

2. Clean skin before the treatment.

3. Aim the laser beam on root of hair.

4. Press the emission button for 2-3 seconds.

5. Cool down skin with ice or cool towel.

6. Do treatment again after 2-3 weeks when hair regrow about 1-2cm.

7. Allow 5-10 minutes interval or very 30 minutes of treatment to cool down the treated area and the laser device.

What Can I See After Treatment?

* You can see skin has a little bit redness. It is normal and would be fade away in 1-3 days. Use mask/ skin care product, it would be gone quickly.

* You can see hair removed in 1-2 seconds.

* Hair shall come back imn about 20-30 days. When hair regrow with 1-2cm, do the second treatment.

* Keep treating, after 2-3 times, hair comes back slower and slower. Some would not come back any more.


* What Areas Can Be Treated?

The most common areas are the face, underarms, legs, chest and back. Almost all parts of the body can be treated, however pls avoid using it on the nipple and anal regions, This product is for external use only.


* How Many Treatments Are Necessary?

You may require multiple treatments for optimal long term results. The results will differ depending on the area you wish to treat, the hair density and the hair growth`s cycle and color. Ususally 3-6 times treatment can gain maximum results.


* Side Effects?

Slight reddening and local swelling of the skin, similat to sunburn is normal. These effects typically last up to 1-3 days.


* Can It Be Used for Sensitive Skin?

Laser reacts only to dark hair so it doesn`t hurt nomal color skin.

* How Long is the Lifetime?

The laser lamp is guaranteed 1,000 hours (about 1800,000 shots), up to 5,000 hours. It can last long time.


* How Many Treatments Have to Be Treated A Time?

Each hair root can be zapped no more than 2-3 times in each seesion. You need to wait 2-3 weeks between sessions and ensure the hair is shaved or clippered a day or 2 before each treatment.

Supplier Details:

Beauty Exchange Center Sales Department Of Guangzhou JMLB Beauty & Body Equipment Factory

Sales:Mr. yan yang

Contact Phone:86-020-61145811

Main Products:Skin Rejuvenation Equipment

Business type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler


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