CE EN388 PU coated hand working safety gloves

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Brand Name: Delta Venitex
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Post Date: Jul 19,2012

Product Description: CE EN388 PU coated hand working safety gloves

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1. Description :
100% polyamide, seamless. Polyurethane coating on palm and fingertips. Gauge 13.


2. Materials:
100% polyamide. Coating : 100% polyuréthane.


3. Instructions for use:
All-purpose protective gloves for mechanical risks, for general use in dry environment, with no chemical, microbiological,
electrical or thermal hazards. It has a grip pattern and prevents hand contact and prints. Its anatomical shape is adapted to
the hand. Its thinness ensures a perfect dexterity, a very good sensitivity and grip.


4. Limits to use:
Do not use other than for the purpose defined in the instructions for use below. These gloves do not contain any substances
known to be carcinogenic or toxic. Contact with the skin may cause allergic reactions in sensitive persons (natural latex, in
the cuff wrists of some gloves). In the event of a reaction, cease use and consult a doctor. Ensure your gloves are intact
before and during using its and replace if necessary.


5. Instructions for storage:
Store in a cool, dry place away from frost and light in their original packaging


6. Instructions for cleaning / maintenance:
No special maintenance is recommended for these types of gloves


7. Performances :
The levels are obtained on the palm of the glove. They are in increasing levels of performance (from 0 to 4 or 5). 0 indicates
that the glove has a lower performance level than the minimum for the individual hazard given. X: indicates that the glove has
not been subjected to testing or the test method is not suitable due to the design of the gloves or the material.
- Abrasion (from 0 to 4): Ability of the glove to withstand wear
- Cutting (from 0 to 5): Ability of the glove to withstand cutting
- Tearing (from 0 to 4): Ability of the glove to withstand tearing*
- Puncture (from 0 to 4): Ability of the glove to withstand puncture
- Dexterity (from 0 to 5): Manual ability to accomplish a task
The higher the performance, the greater the ability of the glove to withstand the associated risk. Performance levels are
based on the results of laboratory tests, which do not necessarily reflect real conditions in the workplace.
This glove complies with the European directive 89/686, notably regarding ergonomics, innocuousness, comfort, ventilation
and flexibility, with EN420:2003 (dexterity 5) and EN388:2003(4,1,3,1) European standards.



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