FeCrAl Resistance Heating alloy Wire

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Post Date: Jul 19,2012

Product Description: FeCrAl Resistance Heating alloy Wire

Alloy Description


FeCrAl 125: Low-cost heating element used in toasters and other small appliances. Long life performance for element operating temperatures up to 1150°C.

FeCrAl 135: Used as heating elements in hot plates, irons, electric furnaces, etc. Improved hot strength compared to 125 grade. Good for continuous element operating temperatures up to 1200°C. Also used in resistor applications and heavy relay switches.

FeCrAl 145: Used for industrial furnaces, kilns and other high temperature applications. Long-life for continuous operating temperatures up to 1300°C. Less increase in resistance on heating and higher oxidation resistance compared to other grades.

Condition of Supply

NiCr alloys are available in following conditions:


Bright AnnealedOxidised (Blue and Golden)As DrawnNominal Composition AlloyFe%Cr%C%Al%FeCrAl 125Bal.14 - 16Max 0.103.5 - 5.0FeCrAl 135Bal.19 - 21Max 0.104.0 - 5.0FeCrAl 145Bal.21 - 23Max 0.105.0 - 6.0Properties



Specific Resistance
(at 20°C)
(µΩ-cm)Coeff. Of Resistance x 10-4
Ohms/Ω/°C-20° to 1100°CLinear Expansion Coeff.
(T=20 - 1000°C)
x10-6Maximum Operating
Temperature of Element (°C)
FeCrAl 1251251.1014.01150FeCrAl 1351351.0015.01200FeCrAl 1451450.3515.01300Size Range

Wire: 8 mm diameter to 0.15mm diameter.

Ribbons/Strips: Width 0.4-40 mm, Thickness: 0.5 mm and above

Long Life and Design Help

All our alloys have gone through extensive life tests and are proved to last longer than other equivalent alloy grades available in the market. These wires are made with high quality raw materials from the melting/alloying stage. Our team of engineers can help you to select the appropriate grade/size and design coiled-wire heating elements for your specific applications.

Note: Other Grades of heating element and resistance alloys (including Nir alloys) are also available. Please contact us for more information


Chromel A, Nikrothal 80, N8, Nichrome V, HAI-NiCr 80, Tophet A, Resistohm 80, Cronix 80, Protoloy, Nikrothal 8, Alloy A, MWS-650, Stablohm 650, NCHW1 Nikrothal 70, Chromel 70/30, N7, Hytemco, HAI-NiCr 70, Balco, Tophet 30, Resistohm 70, Cronix 70, Stablohm 710 Chromel C, Nikrothal 60, N6, HAI-NiCr 60, Tophet C, Resistohm 60, Cronifer II, Electroloy, Nichrome, Alloy C, Nikrothal 6, MWS-675, Stablohm 675, NCHW2 Chromel D, Nikrothal 40, N4, Chromax, HAI-NiCr 40, Tophet D, Resistohm 40, Cronifer III, 35-20 Ni-Cr, Alloy D, Nikrothal 4, MWS-610, Stablohm 610,nichrome ribbon


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