IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation beauty machine for sale

Price: US $ 1 - 3,500 / Set
Brand Name: Tone
Model Number: JS-002|||JS-002
Post Date: Jul 17,2012

Product Description: IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation beauty machine for sale

Why choose Tone company as your parter?

   There are so many companies saying they are manufacturers forbeauty equipments, however, they only buy components from other factories andthen assemble them together. This is not real manufacturer. If anyproblem happens happens, they only can let the real manufacturer repairthe machine but not themselves, this is a time wasting process.

   Tone company is a real sense manufacturer, all the key componentssuch as power source, handles and operation screen and so on, areproduced by ourselves, so we can promise slove any problem within oneweek. You will be assured for the best after sale service if you chooseBejing JS company as your cooperator.

About IPL:

   IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light ) is technically not a Laser but is has similar effects on the human skin as medical lasers . IPL are more complex machines than lasers offering more treatment with one machine while laser can do only one . IPL uses white light composed or broad wavelength affecting the skin reducing pigmentations , broken capillaries and hair follicles . The IPLs light , once within the dermis , shatteres pigments and eliminates out of body by metabolism . In the meanwhile , IPL also give a boost to collagen production , which can make the skin more youthful , radiant ,bright and reduce fine lines-wrinkles . The light with long wavelength can pass through epidermis to the hair follicles in the deep part of the skin . At the targeted area , high temperature are being generated for a very short time to destroy follicles and hair shafts and prevent re-growth of new hair .

Application of IPL:

  1.  spots removal: fleck, burn spot, age pigment, chloasma and other pigment deposit

  2.  unwanted hair removal

  3.  wrinkle removal: canthus wrinkle, neck wrinkle, gestation wrinkle

  4.  breast enhancing

  5.  spider vein treatment

  6.  shrink the coarse pore, eliminate or lighten the acne scar

  7.  stimulate the the collagen layer, and renew skin flexibility


   Operation screen: 7.4 inch color touch screen

   light source: Intensive Pulse Light

   Waveband: 420-1200nm /510-1200nm/560-1200nm/640-1200nm ( standard)

                    585-1200nm/ 690-1200nm/ 755-1200nm ( optical)

   IPL energy: 10-50J/cm2

   Pulse number: 1-5

   Frequency: 0.3-1 HZ

   Pulse space: 5-60ms

   Pulse duration: 2-15ms

   Light spot area: 12*30mm2/ 15*35 mm2/15*50mm2

   Cooling system: semiconductor+ water+ wind+ cooling gel

   Input power: AC 220V(110V)/15A  50HZ(60HZ)

   Package: aluminous box plus thick sponge

Supplier Details:

Beijing T-One Electric Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. belinda yu

Contact Phone:86-10-81570196

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