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Brand Name: KBT
Model Number: KBT-DCR-600
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Feb 07,2012

Product Description: Digital TV two way set top box

Features : 1. CPU       * High performance ARM926EJ-S CPU       *300MHz       * 16KB I- Cache & 16KB D-Cache       * 2KB instruction TCM       * Support JAVA hardware accelerator       * Floating-Point coprocessor 2. Memory Control Interface       * Support 16bit DDR1 & DDR2 interface, RAM 150MHz       * Support 16MByte/ 32MByte / 64MByte / 128MByte / 256MByte /512MByte storage       * Support 8/16 bit Flash, support 2MB/4MByte/ 8MByte/ 16MByte/ 32MByte 3. Channel Decoder       * Support 16/32/64/128/256-QAM decoding       * Compatible with DVB-C, ITU J83-A 7 , ITU J83-C bit stream standard       * Integrating High performance 10bit mid-frequency A/D converter, suitable for all direct mid-frequency QAM solution       * Auto-conversion digital Down Sampling and Anti-aliasing Filtering, support variable symbol rate from 9Mbaud to 0.87Mbaud       * Auto-conversion digital Carrier recovery with Max Freq. Deviation 400kHz       * Auto-conversion digital Timing recovery, support Max symbol rate deviation 400ppm       * Inner-integrating FEC Decoding       * Support S/D AGC       *  Automatic spectrum reverse recognition and correction       * Symbol and demodulating format blind acquisition 4. Demultiplexing       * DVB universal demodulator       * Parallel/Serial input interface, Parallel Max. 13.5Mbyte/s and Serial Max. 96Mbit/s       * 3 ways Demux simultaneously meet transcribe stream cipher and transparency stream       * One Parse support 32 HD PID filter       * One PID support max 48 Filter       * Filter depth 16kb, support AND, OR, XOR, and NOT operation 5. Quick Power Engine       * Fast play designated frequency program or frame pictures from TS stream (basic on the transparency stream) within 3 seconds after power-on       *  Configurable with play time of designated frequency programs 6. Audio Decoding       * Support MPEG-1, MPEG-2 Layer- I Layer- II HD decoding       * Support MP3 decoding       * Support 2 ways PCM Mix       * Built-in 24bit Audio DAC       * Support high performance HD resampling       * Provide S/PDIF digital output, AC3 bit stream direct output       * Support PWM & I ²S output 7. Video Decoding       * Full HD decoding, support MPEG-2 MP@ML and MPEG-1 decoding       * One way video code rate: 2bit/s~15Mbit/s, adjustable continuously, support variable code rate       * Support 4:3/ 16:9 format, and infinitely zoom 8. Graphics Processing       * Support 2D graphics accelerator; Anti-Aliasing, anti-flicker, anti-shaking       *  Max support 6400,000 pixels JPEG files HD decoding       * Input bitmap support RGB & YUV       *  Output bitmap support HD conversion between RGB and YUV       *  OSD color depth 16bit/32bit, software are configurable       *  Support alpha and Color Key operation       *  OSD support antiflicker filter 9. Video Output       * 5 levels plane display structure,  1 Background, 1 Video, 1 Cursor, 2 OSD, one level have the function of still level       * Support Background, Video, OSD, Cursor planes alpha hybrid, 256 levels transparency       * Support Video infinitely zoom       * Support 16/32bit RGB & YCbCr format OSD graphics       *  Support OSD graphics auto-conversion PAL and NTSC 10. TV Encoder       * Support YPbPr, RGB, CVBS and S-video output       * Integrating 4 ways Video DAC, support simultaneously 1 way CVBS, 1 way YPbPr/RGB/S-video output       * Support VBI encoder, including Teletext, CloseCaption, CGMS, WSS, VPS 11. Peripheral Interfaces       * Support 2 USB 2.0HOST Port, extending 4 ports through board at last       * 2 10/100M auto-conversion network card port, support two layers exchanging and VLAN       *  UART port/ SmartCard/ IR/ LED/ I2C interface 12. PVR Function       * Support transcribing TS stream and PES stream, TS transcribing support scramble stream and non-scramble stream       * Built-in DES/3DES/AES encryption/decryption, provide HD content protect       * Support Timeshift function       *  Support Trickmode function under Timeshift state and Playback state 13. Support Advanced Security CA (option)

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