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Dongfeng Cummins C series (C245 20) engine

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Brand Name: Cummins
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Country/Region: China
Post Date: Jan 08,2012

Product Description: Dongfeng Cummins C series (C245 20) engine

If you have any question ,please do contact us .we can give you more detail information 1.more fuel-efficient originated from American Kang Mingsi advanced design and sophisticated manufacturing, adapt the demand in China economy is improved, the oil consumption 20% lower than similar domestic products.2.super power low speed power upgrades in the round, starting performance is better, faster acceleration, climbing performance is stronger.3.excellent reliability design of key parts reserved sufficient allowance, strength more than similar engine 30%, engine life. . lower maintenance and repair costs less number of parts and low malfunction, make engine comprehensive repair cost is greatly reduced, the repair time than similar models to save up to 50%.4.excellent cold starting performance with electric intake preheating device and the 7.8kw high-power starter, thoroughly improve the engine cold starting performance. The Chinese Arctic Village -- Mohe County extreme low temperature test.engine modeladvertised power /speed Kw/rpm )peak torque /speed (N.m/rpm)Idle speedMax noload governedspeed (rpm)Emission repulationC220 20162/2200800/1400700±1002500Euro 2C230 20169/2200830/1400800±1002500Euro 2C245 20180/22001025/1400750±1002500Euro 2C260 20191/22001025/1400750±1002500Euro 2C280 20206/22001125/1400750±1002500Euro 2C300 20221/22001125/1200-1400750±1002500Euro 2C325 20239/22001125/1200-1400750±1002500Euro 2

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