Breast lump,breast pains,swelling antural remedies 100% herbal medicine

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Product Description: Breast lump,breast pains,swelling antural remedies 100% herbal medicine

Breast diseases are women's common disease and frequently-occurring disease.Breast hyperplasia has reached more 60% of childbearing women,which become the first killer for women health. [Function]The formula ingredients are aimed at strongly dispersing both qi and blood stagnation.Activate blood circulation and remove stasis.circulate qi,relieve pain,and assist in the removal of stasis;Nutrition qi and relieves pain.especially with high-energy bio-active peptides,which can produce breast cell immunity repair factors,It finds the root of brease disease.Enhance mammary cell activity to be reborn, Enhance human immunity,prevent recurrence after healing Main Ingredients: Lucid Ganoderma, Radix Astragali, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, dogwood, Donkey-hide Glue, rhizoma gastrodiae etc. Indication: Breast lump,hyperplasia of mammary glands,mastitis,Mastadenoma,Mammary duct syndrome and other breast disease,Specially for breast swelling,pains,chest stuffiness Usage:1.) 3 capsules should be used per time,2 times daily 2.)0.3g*60 capsules *3 bottles .  Symptom Changes through clinical tries .--3 days after using it.Diseased area of the breast is slightly itchy, It means that medicine is struggling with disease cells,significantly pains relief, feel like bump began to disperse.--10 days after using it,the  bad cells have been desolved by medicines,and bump began to sofe, to adjust the body's endocrine system from inside.--30 days after using it,bumps are basically soften,breasts became shiny and elastic,and feel comfortable. The established endocrine regulatory mechanisms come to play a role. --60 days after using it,breast recover normal elasticity,meanwhile.endocrine regulatory system have been adjusted well.Even if stop using medicine .no regeneration.The best advantage is to change breast disease hypostasis,overall balance breast function!  In all,Breast Care testing groups,93.33% (14/15) of patients with breast bumps symptom are relief .83.34% (10/12) of patients with abdominal distention patients are relief89% of patients with bumps,pain,mastitis,breast dust syndrome and other symptoms are relief and remarkable results. Please refer to the following certificates. China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Certificate  China Association for Quality Supervision Test Report authorized by shaanxi center for disease control and prevention   

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