New Energy Power Saver with Screen 75Kw

Price: US $ 240 - 500 / Unit
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: New 75kw
Post Date: Jul 14,2012

Product Description: New Energy Power Saver with Screen 75Kw





New commercial and industrial 75kw Power Saver.
Effectiveness and use:
Digital Energy Saver Specifications:
Rated voltage: 90V-450V
Rated frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
Payload: 75000 W
Knowledge of a new generation of Digital Energy Saver Answer:
1, the new generation of digital sources of energy-saving devices:
A: The new generation of digital devices with the world's leading energy efficiency section of the skill, energy-saving effect of class, the safety of households using electricity more assurance.
2, Digital Energy Saver's safety and reliability?
A: With the improvement of living conditions and long-standing knowledge of the electrical knowledge, people's awareness of safe use of electricity more and more by all means even pay a high price for electrical safety in the actual electricity, there are Utility Electric only uses, four into the waste, but the user of electricity must be used. The process of power sector in the supply process in order to avoid a large number of transmission loss and the end of the peak of the phenomenon caused by low voltage, transmission begins with the higher voltage transmission, so users will actually higher than the withstand voltage rating of the equipment voltage, then the excess voltage to the load device not only can not run more effectively, but is the result line line number in the heat, heating equipment, the main reason, which many users will not only power, and even some power users will also be a lot of accidents When the current is too high is too large, the line temperature is too high, the use of electrical burn, burn more example is especially valuable with electrical burn burn, then the loss is even greater.
Energy Saver is not only effective use of digital power factor adjustment, the voltage stability, balance current, more importantly, greatly reducing the wiring and electrical heating caused by the accident, but also greatly reduce the use of electrical appliances, especially the burning of precious burned to the use of digital devices has reached a power saving effect.
3, Digital Energy Saver is how energy efficient?
A: Digital Energy Saver on the integration process with a more complex electrical, simply, digital household appliances start saving device is often produced for current and pulse voltage surge suppression, clean lines, etc., and can exist in high and low for the grid different voltage conditions, the use of the principle of the whole match combinations, respectively, in line filter network composed of high-frequency and low frequency filter network, the overall combination, to improve the input power home appliances, current, energy efficiency, power factor and other performance parameters, so as to achieve saving purposes.
4, the use of digital energy-saving devices, we could immediately see the current flow to reduce it?
A: Yes. Through the test bed, using a digital energy converters, by the China Association for Quality Inspection to ensure product quality and credibility of the Shenzhen Institute of test measurement test, the test before the current flow is 0.6A, 0.56A, insert the digital energy converters is the flow of test current 0.34A, 0.26A.
5 What is the formula for electric power?
A: Yes, P = I squared R; P = UI; P I said that the current electric power, said fixed resistor R U said fixed voltage (220 volts)
6, Digital Energy Saver power effects?
A: Digital Integrated energy-saving devices saving 15% -35% higher for the emotional power electrical appliances, especially air conditioners and other appliances for energy-saving effect is more ideal for air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, computers, Internet cafes, washing machines, photocopiers, motor comprehensive energy-saving effect, etc., can be widely applied to home, office, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, shops, small and medium enterprises.
7, digital energy installation need professionals to operate?
A: Digital Energy Saver in the same billing statement as long as any one under the plug to a socket, if the home electrical appliances more energy to consider using multiple sets of digital devices can also be inserted in line with larger capacity, no maintenance, no need to change the original lines. Digital Energy Saver rigorous microcomputer circuit design, so do not need professional assistance in the installation.
8, digital home appliances life saving device has an impact on it?
A: Digital Energy Saver can stabilize the voltage, current balance, adjust the power factor and reduce the ineffective current losses on the line, interference suppression convex wave, so it can more effectively protect the life of electrical appliances.

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