2010 boots for women

Price: US $30 - 70 / Pair
Brand Name: yiluxi
Model Number: RZJWX-8004
Country/Region: China
Post Date: May 16,2011

Product Description: 2010 boots for women

2010 boots for women  hot sale shoes   The  Function of Hi-Tec Smart&Health shoes (A) For the human body :Hi-Tec Smart&Health shoes,which is “The Light of Life” and “Great Gennie”in the consumers’ mind ,  with tremendous unique fuctions-----cancer--proof&curing,tempreture-control,drying ,sterilization ,deordorization and longevity etc.What’s more, it is firmly supported by the scientific achievement ,such as  the detection  of the cancer-proof&curing function by the Janpanese scientist on CCTV-1 on July ,2007 and the extensive application of DTP in the medical indusry ,researched by  our renowned senior scientist Qian Xuesheng. Through the sole, Hi-Tec Smart&Health shoes can spur the circulation of blood ,improve the metabolism and the regenation of neural cells with heat triggered from  infrared lines and ECO-nanometer.After wearing it , the consumers can discharge the heat evil, make balance the body tempreture ,relieve the tiredness of brain , enhance the strechness of blood vessel and heart contract,dilute the blood density,kaizen the memory and sleeping ,improve the immunity , delay the downturn and take precautions of the wide-spread diseases--- beriberi and chilblain etc .On the other hand,for male consumers , Hi-Tec Smart&Health shoes will remit the  prostateache across the discharge and control of inflammation .For the female consumers , Hi-Tec Smart&Health shoescan burn the fat and speed up the metabolism while warming the TPR.As a result , female consumers can beautify their skin , lose weight ,strengthen their heart and delay the downturn .Especially , Hi-Tec Smart&Health shoes will relieve the female during the menses (B) The effect on human body1,Calm and steady to Sleep , less to dream,  at the same time,your forgetful will disappear, backache and leg ache will relief.2,Make your complexion ruddy, your memory concentrated and your appetite increase. constipation disappear, gastrointestinal discomfort.3,Palpitation, flustered, chest eliminate, hypertension and glucose decreased,good to sleep.4, It will make you full of sprit .And the powerful and happy feeling will cover all of your body. You will walk brisk. (C)Objective consumers1. Old people . CEO. Cadre. White-collar. Mid-aged woman. Teenagers and  people with not good health .2 .The  People with great pressure , less exercise, over-drinking and entertainment ,3.The  People with cool feet and kidney-deficiency4.The people with beriberi5.The people who works outside most of  their time6.Thepolic man bordor defense soldier,the staffs from the railroad,oil-field,transportation,communication and sanitation workers. 

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