New Design Coral Jewelry Set drum bead pink coral necklace and earring bracelet set

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Post Date: Jul 11,2012

Product Description: New Design Coral Jewelry Set drum bead pink coral necklace and earring bracelet set

Thank you for coming to Changzhou Day Colour Jewelry Co.,Ltd. Please spend 2 minutes to read the following items in order to avoid any inconveniences that could generate after you receive our products.


    Attention Buyers:

         All the jewelries in our shops are directly from our factory. The factory has completed certifications in production. We take all kinds of customers’ orders. We are glad to hear from any details of your orders and requests.

         Now we are only for wholesale, NOT for retail, or any kind of mix sale. All the prices are wholesale prices. We do NOT discuss about the price, the prices do NOT include the transportation fees. The prices are fixed. We do NOT send any free samples as a gift.

         All the products are from the mass production, and packed. They may have more or less defects. If you are very picky, please be more cautious. If you received a huge quantity of defective products, please take photos about the details and contact us to exchange or refund.

Notice: The quantity of the products in one package may NOT always consistent. For example, a 100 package may contain 97 or 103 pieces. It may have one or two defective pieces. If you can’t accept the inconsistent numbers and the defect rate, please think again when you decided to purchase. (We may not have enough time to refund you just for couple of coins; we also do NOT accept this as your reason to give us a bad review.)

      About bad reviews:

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         Please do NOT use “It is not thinner than I expected” or “The color is not that beautiful than I imaged “as your excuses of bad reviews. It is always huge difference between the imagination and the reality.

         Please do NOT use slow transportation as your bad review. We only can control our delivery time; we can’t control the transportation company.


When we decided to release small package retail, the distribution is increasing. We might make some mistakes during the process. If your package had any these kinds of problems please contact us in 3 days once you received your packages. Please send our customer service staffs your photos with details and further mistake information. We will check our record. If the total mistake sum is in the range of $15, we will refund you (NO another delivery). More than $15 we are going to refund you or delivery you again. (The transportation fees are on the house). Once you file to refund, please do NOT push us! We will arrange it in a proper time.

Ps: (If you can’t accept these items, please do NOT purchase!)
By the way if you have already given us bad reviews or have been put in our blacklist, please do NOT purchase again, we can’t hold it!

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