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Copper oxide flotation reagent as mineral chemical prodcut

Price: US $ 3,500 - 3,800 / Ton
Brand Name: chemical product
Model Number: LF 11
Post Date: Jul 09,2012

Product Description: Copper oxide flotation reagent as mineral chemical prodcut


LF 11 copper oxide activator beneficiation reagent 


This chemical product has efficient activation function for flotation in mixed copper or oxide copper ore. It was made from surfactant activation by ethylenediamine, which has there characteristics: light yellowish-brown liquid, soluble in water, slightly acidic, insoluble sundry less than 0.004%.

The chemical reagent can only be used for ore dressing, general dosage range is 200 - 600g/t undressed ore (according to the different mineral structure), this reagent generally is added in the ball mill entrance. Beneficiation slurry PH controls in 8 -9. when this activator is used with LF - A, LF - 2, LF - 28 type of collector, it can produce synergies and enhance the dressing indexes and reduce drug consumption purposes.


This activator is specifically suited to hard-to-beneficiate copper oxide ore with low reclamation, high oxidation rate, high combining and high rate of containing mud, it’s also useful to easy beneficiation copper oxide ore. The reagent can be easily used, there is no need to change original mill production process. It has mauny advantages such as foam layer stability in flotation process ,easy operation etc.

Note: non-dangerous article. This product is avirulent, harmless, no corrosion, the quality guarantee time is about 6 months. It doesn’t matter that there is some sediment according to the climate changes in temperature and pressure, precipitate will be soluble with slightly warming up or could be used with diluting to 2-3% concentration.


Packing: 200kg/bucket, please keep in a ventilated place to store, away from fire.


Usage: generally be treated with concentration of 5% -10% before putting into equipment.


Product index:

Appearance (25 °C)

tiny bright orange transparent liquid

Active matter (%)


Fertilizer content (%)


PH value (25 °C)

from 6.0 to 7.0

Freezing points (°C)

from 2.0 to 10.0

Heavy metal (mg)

from 0.005 to 0.01 



As our company specializes in the production and sales all kinds of flotation reagents, as these flotation reagents are our latest research and development, now we don't have a customs code. But our reagent really can enrich your ore's content, such as 1%copper, it can be enriched abt. 70% recovery rate by using our floatation reagent, 10% lead zinc can be enriched abt. 70% recovery rate. Our floatation reagents are widely used in collecting oxidized ore in China now.

In addition, our new products have a certain high tech content, they may bring some inconvenience in use, therefore, our company leaders recommend that we can supply the free samples abt. 200-500g, if you feel it is good for use, then you can place a big order and we also can talk abt. the long-term cooperation. Secondly, we can offer various hard-to-beneficiate oxide ore professional technical service, this technology supporting service can improve the metal minerals recovery rates and it also can improve the metal mineral separation better, etc.

We sincerely provide every customer with high quality products and services, now our new products in China mainland have a big use, and get the new and old clients recognition, we have absolute confidence on our new products, and we believe after you buy the sample, we both will make a long-term cooperation.


If you interesed in any of our chemcial products, pls. feel free to contact us.

Supplier Details:

Kunming Liangfan Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Yunliang Deng

Contact Phone:86-871-3570279

Main Products:Ethylenediamine phosphate,lf-16 sodium alkyl hydroxamic,lf-x7 twelve amidogen double methyl acid phosphate,lf-x8 n-lauryl amino butyric acid,styrene phosphonic acid,lf-24 alkyl ether amine


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