BC-1018 5 in 1 Facial Beauty Cleaner set, Electric facial massager

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Model Number: BC-1018
Post Date: Jul 09,2012

Product Description: BC-1018 5 in 1 Facial Beauty Cleaner set, Electric facial massager

BC-1018  Waterproof Facial Massager, facial cleaner, facial beauty cleaner

Electric Skin Cleaner, Facial Cleaner, Face Cleaner, Magic Beauty Cleaner, Face Massager


Waterproof  function

Multi-functional Wth 5 different attachments for your different needs

Operated by 1xAA battery (included)



Facial Cleaning: coordinating your own face cleaning cream or lotion with our disposable pad to have foam penetrate deeper into pores to remove the makeup and dust on our face.

Gentle Massaging: tender vibrating motion stimulates our skin surface and opens the pores, so the foam can penetrate the pore deeper.

Deep Skin Care: softly textured pads can sweep away layers of dead skin,

so that, our skin can absorb the nutrition more easily.




Magic cleansing head

1. Deep cleansing of micro fiber will paste in corresponding 3 G face for cosmetic magic cleansing head.
2. Will a little cleanser crowded in micro fiber cleansing chip, develop wet water again, to activate clean papula bubble.
3. Press the power button, make the 3 G face for cosmetic is vibrating, will put on the face gently massage, avoid contact with eyes.


Face Beauty Head 
As the years passed, the skin prolapse, the face would look than it was before many, if not unobstructed lymph circulation, still can not discharge in time for waste in the face edema, make face look bigger. Traditional Chinese medicine theory inheritance meridian, combines the modern science and technology more frequency vibration technology, the face for rhythm massage function, and effectively improve facial ministry skin to absorb ability (face protect skin to taste with better effect to use), promote the blood circulation, along with the picture circle muscle texture techniques, by next upgrade gently massage or so cheeks, chin, and forehead, face painting in all five to ten round massage, and stay about 3-5 seconds, up tiras facial skin, and can effectively improve the flabby condition, firm the skin. Facial lymph massage along, eliminate exhaustion of facial muscles are stiff and bloated phenomenon have improved.


Nose Beauty Head

The face is like a flower, all by the nose. The world's first two points of human body engineering a nasal heighten contacts, products will be 2 points in canthus and contacts of nasal root place intermediate, and open to the host the power switch products (according to own actual need choice strong or weak gear), effectively heighten the root, make the collapse of flat nose become more stereo, strong. 90 day easy shaping handsome's nose, let you all show decorous temperament!

If Egypt's queen's nose is not high, the history of the world may rewrite. -jerry buss salomon kalou (French philosopher)


Head massage head
Comb form massage head of human body engineering design, the use of vibration massage function, the softness of the moderate 33 massage head stimulate touch head important point, promote head cortex blood circulation, relieve the pressure head, long-term use can effectively reduce trichomadesis, ease headaches dizziness; Help to improve the insomnia, stress state.


Massage head
The human body engineering four no static massage contacts, can make the vibration strength equilibrium spread throughout, strengthen the massage effect, make the body complete relaxation, eliminate fatigue; Promote the blood circulation, can promote the secretion of physical pain suppression, and instantly to block pain are excellent communication effect. For the whole body local chronic pain, acute pain, muscle pain, numbness symptoms have significant health care function.



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