diesel fuel injection pump test stand

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Brand Name: Tailida
Model Number: 12psd-IV
Post Date: Jul 08,2012

Product Description: diesel fuel injection pump test stand


Diesel Pump Test Bench :12psd-IV

Detailed data:

1  Testing every cylinder supply oil volume of the different speed

2  Testing every cylinder supply oil time of the static state

3  Testing variable speed device property

4  Testing electromagnetism Valve of distribute pump

5  Testing pneumatic  Variable speed device property

6  Testing pressure boost compensate device property

7  Testing distribute pump supply oil pressure

8  Testing pump pressure of distribute pump

9  Testing minus property of pneumatic variable speeding device

10 Testing seal up of oil injection pump

11 Testing advance angle of advance device

12 Database( eligibility)

13 Printer function( eligibility)

14 Can test oil injection pumpAdjustable and testing all sorts of in line pumps and distribute pump .

Technical parameter

1.Position of operationTwo sides


3.Volume of oil tank:60L

4.Temperature stabilization:40±2

5.Test oil filtering unit:5u

6. DC. Supply:  12/24V

7.Data display: SpeedCountsTemperature Ahead of angle

8.Mechanical table displayOil pressure VE Air pressure

9.Feed pressure:00.4MPa (low),04MPa (high)

10.VE1:00.16MPa VE2:01.6MPa

11.Air pressure: -0.080.3Mpa

12.Adjustable rotation speed range:04000 rpm

13.power supply:380V/50Hz(on request)

14.Overall dimensions:2100×900×1600mm

15. Net weight:1000kg

16.Center height125mm

17.Flywheel inertiasmoment:0.8kg

18.Output power:5.5kw--22kw(on request)

Supplier Details:

Tai Li Da Experimental Equipment Service Center

Sales:Ms. lily song

Contact Phone:0086-0538-8421665

Main Products:Testing Equipment

Business type:Manufacturer