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Model Number: <span title="ball bearings with bore diameter from 1mm to 20mm">ball bearings with b
Post Date: Jul 08,2012

Product Description: 440C stainless steel flange bearing F685ZZ

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440C stainless steel flange bearing F685ZZ
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Micro ball bearings specification:








modelsize mm6811*3*16911*4*1.6681 XZZ1.5*4*2691 XZZ1.5*5*2.6601 XZZ 1.5*6*3682 ZZ2*5*2.3MR 52 ZZ2*5*2.5692ZZ2*6*3 MR 62 ZZ2*6*2.5MR 72 ZZ2*7*3602 ZZ2*7*3.5682 XZZ2.5*6*2.6692 XZZ2.5*7*3.5MR 82 X2.5*8*2.5602 XZZ 2.5*8*4MR 63 ZZ3*6*2.5683 ZZ 3*7*3MR 83 ZZ3*8*3693 ZZ3*8*4MR 93 Z3*9*4603 ZZ3*9*5623 ZZ3*10*4633 ZZ3*13*5MR 74 ZZ4*7*2.5MR 84 ZZ4*8*3684 ZZ 4*9*4MR 104 ZZ4*10*4694 ZZ4*11*4604 ZZ4*12*4624 ZZ4*13**5634 ZZ4*16*5MR 85 ZZ5*8*2.5MR 95 ZZ5*9*3MR 105 ZZ5*10*4MR 115 ZZ5*11*4685 ZZ 5*11*5695 ZZ5*13*4605 ZZ5*14*5625 ZZ5*16*5635 ZZ5*19*6MR 106 ZZ6*10*3MR 126 ZZ6*12*4686 ZZ 6*13*5696 ZZ6*15*5606 ZZ6*17*6626 ZZ6*19*6636 ZZ6*22*7MR 117 ZZ7*11*3MR 137 ZZ7*13*4687 ZZ7*14*5697 ZZ7*17*5607 ZZ 7*19*6627 ZZ 7*22*7637 ZZ7*26*6MR 128 ZZ8*12*3.5MR 148 ZZ8*14*4688 ZZ 8*16*5698 ZZ8*19*6608 ZZ8*22*7628 ZZ8*24*8638 ZZ8*28*9679 ZZ9*14*4.5689ZZ 9*17*5699ZZ9*20*6609ZZ9*24*7629ZZ9*26*8639ZZ9*30*10  modelsizeR1-4 ZZ1.984*6.35*3.571R133 ZZ2.38*4.762*2.38R1-5 ZZ2.38*7.938*3.571R144 JZZS3.175*6.350*2.779R144 ZZS3.175*6.350*2.779R2-5 ZZ3.175*7.938*3.571R2-6 ZZ3.175*9.525*3.571R2 ZZ3.175*9.525*3.967R2A ZZ3.175*12.7*4.366R155 ZZS3.967*7.938*3.175R156 ZZS4.762*7.938*3.175R166 ZZS4.762*9.525*3.175R3 ZZ4.762*12.7*4.978R3A ZZ4.762*15.875*4.978R168 ZZS6.35*9.525*3.175R188 ZZ6.35*12.7*4.762R4 ZZ6.35*15.875*4.978R4A ZZ6.35*19.05*7.142R1810 ZZS7.938*12.7*3.967R6 ZZ9.525*22.225*7.142


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