bottle water filling machine(liquid automatic filling machine)

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Brand Name: lonhon
Model Number: QGF-3000
Post Date: Jul 08,2012

Product Description: bottle water filling machine(liquid automatic filling machine)

  1) Trait:

·The machine adopts PLC+Frequency-convertor+man-machine interface control technique, the key electric components are products of world-famous companies.

·the machine applies separate parts unified construction, driving system is convenient to disassemble and connect by linking with drive axes.

·suspension-style neck-catching structure to assure the convenience of changing bottles.

·safe protective devices ensure safety of operator and machine.

·magnetic capper retort, no cap hurts.

·specially designed retort head adopts dentate cap-lip and improve capping eligible rate.

·slight negative-pressure gravity circumfluence filling theory increase the filling accuracy and reduce the pollution of filling material.

·novel control equipment keeps circumfluence volume below 5%

·the airproof material of valve mouth avoids wearing grains dropping into the bottles.

·high-efficiency and clear air-filter

·low noise transmission

·advanced automatic lubricating system, need not lubricate manually and make the equipment drive with permanent lubricity.


2) Technique parameter

Capacity: 3000B/H(based on 500ml)
Filling Volume:  0.35-1.5L
Bottle Diameter:  50-88(mm)
Bottle Height: 150-290(mm)
Filling Accuracy:  ±2%
Pneumatic Pressure:  0.5MPa
Air Consumption:  0.5M3/MIN
Power:  3.5Kw
Rinsing Consumption:  0.8M3/H
Filling Consumption: 1.8M3/H
Dimension (L*W*H): 3984*1630*2340(mm)
Weight;  3000Kg

Supplier Details:

Shanghai Lonhon Package Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Jia Li

Contact Phone:0086-021-50610818

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