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tall oil flotation reagent as chemical product used in oxidized ore

Price: US $ 1,550 - 2,050 / Ton
Brand Name: chemical product
Model Number: LF tall oil flotation reagent
Post Date: Jul 08,2012

Product Description: tall oil flotation reagent as chemical product used in oxidized ore


Tall oil

Tall oil is a mixture by the aliphatic acid and the resin acid, and it also have some neutral things which is not acid.

The unsaturated aliphatic acid in the tal oil is mainly oleic acid, linoleic acid and the linolenic acid.


Inspection report 

Production  article name  Tall oil

Batch No. 20110401                        analysis date   20110805





Appearance (25°C)

Dark brown dope

Moisture, %




Acid value mgKoH/g




Resin acid %




Aliphatic acid, %




Unsaponifiable matter %




Mechanical admixture, %≤




Conclusion: trail produce basic qualified 


In the process of rough tall oil, the active constituent in the collector functionary is higher than the rough sulfate soap and the element is unstable, so it is good for flotation. While as it has some resin acid, it has strong bubble ability, and the more the dosage, the more the bubble, that will make the index of the flotation decreased. In the production practice we usually mix it with oxidation paraffin soap. The content of  both the refined tall oil and the unsaturated aliphatic acid are over 90%, it have best collection, low heat resistance, it is a good carboxylic acid collector.



As our company specializes in the production and sales various kinds of oxidation of flotation reagents, as these flotation reagents are our latest research and development, now we don't have a customs code. But our reagent really can enrich your ore's content, such as 1%copper, it can be enriched abt. 70% recovery rate by using our floatation reagent, 10% lead zinc can be enriched abt. 70% recovery rate. Our floatation reagents are widely used in collecting oxidized ore in China now.

In addition, our new products have a certain high tech content, they may bring some inconvenience in use, therefore, our company leaders recommend that we can supply the free samples abt. 200-500g, if you feel it is good for use, then you can place a big order and we also can talk abt. the long-term cooperation. Secondly, we can offer various hard-to-beneficiate oxide ore professional technical service, this technology supporting service can improve the metal minerals recovery rates and it also can improve the metal mineral separation better, etc.

We sincerely provide every customer with high quality products and services to every customer, now our new products in China mainland have a big use, and get the new and old clients recognition, we have absolute confidence on our new products, and we believe after you buy the sample, we both will make a long-term cooperation.

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