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Automatic Stainless Steel Water Tank Hot pipe fitting seam welding machine

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Brand Name: jinlong
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Post Date: Jul 08,2012

Product Description: Automatic Stainless Steel Water Tank Hot pipe fitting seam welding machine

Product introduction


The kind of welding equiqment is suitable for welding the parts in applications of heat exchanger in-out water pipe port of electrical heater and hot pipe fittings simple operation Iow lost and good seam foring are the advantages. It is an essential and special equipment in the profression of tube-making electrical and solar water heaters.


Product features


   1. Equipment is made of steel plate, special steel and other materials after heat treatment and machining   process, etc.


   2. Welding travel carriage parts: use 110V DC 24W permanent magnet servo motor as the tool of driven. By the two stage turbine vortex rod can reduce speed to obtain a smooth and continuously adjustable speed. The drive with arbitrarily adjustment of the welding torch can uniform arc movement. Before the formal welding, the welding torch is over welding seam 0.8-1.0mm, consistent with the level (can adjustable “adjusting bolt”, carefully corrected, and tighten the lower mold).

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Jiangsu Jinlong New Energy Equipment Technology Industries Co., Ltd.

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