high performance of 3M Adhesive 100MP 3M double sided tape 9460

Price: US $ 1 - 1,000 / Roll
Brand Name: 3M
Model Number: 9460
Post Date: Jul 08,2012

Product Description: high performance of 3M Adhesive 100MP 3M double sided tape 9460

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3M VHB Adhesive Transfer Tape 3M 9460PC

adhesive: 3M™ Adhesive 100MP
adhesive sides:double sided


release liner: Poly coated Kraft Paper


model number:9460

Long-term resistant temperature:149°c

Short-term resistant temperature:230°c







3M™ VHB™ Adhesive Transfer Tape backed polycoated kraft paper liner, Utilizes the high performance of 3M™ Adhesive 100MP.  It has excellent long-term holding power. Ideal for use in many interior and exterior industrial applications. Used for Industrial Joining and Metal Fabrication. UL Listing 746C.

 Feature100MP High Performance Acrylic
1. Up to 500°F(260°c) short term heat resistance
2. Outstanding solvent resistance
3. Higher peel strength than 100
4. Exceptional shear strength even at elevated temperaturesusage1. Flexible circuit assembly and rigidizing
2. Attachment of heat-generating components and heat sinks to PCBs
3. Appliance electronics
4. High temperature labels for appliances and under the hood in vehicles
5. High temperature performance for military applications
6. PCB tracking labels
7. Battery pack assembly and labels
8. Fixture assemblies for automotive and other lighting
9. LED back planes10. Automotive brake pad and shim assembly
11. Audio system electronics and speaker assembly
12. Window blind attachment
13. Machine bearing gasket 

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