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Universal Portable Laptop Battery Tester Charger Discharger

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Brand Name: poloso
Model Number: RFNT3
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Oct 24,2011

Product Description: Universal Portable Laptop Battery Tester Charger Discharger

Product name: Notebook Battery TesterModel No.:       RFNT3 SummaryRFNT3 is a multi-function battery testing device, having the features below:1. With one channel, supporting one intelligent battery2. Supporting charge, discharge, test, capacity correction, charge / discharge 50% capacity3. LCD for displaying battery information4. LED for indicating working status5. Pre-charge, fast charge and constant voltage charge for charging stages6. Constant current for discharging7. With a USB port for connecting with computers, master machine can monitoring and control slave machine Basic Parameters1. Weight: 333g2. Dimensions: 201 x 99 x 35 mm3. Input voltage: AC 100~240V with adapter4. Output voltage: DC 7.2~14.8V5. Charging current: 3A max6. Discharging current: 3A max with external load7. Display mode: segment LCD + LED in red and green8. Discharge mode: constant current discharge for double loads, inner load & external load9. Charging mode: constant current and constant voltage are the main mode. Active charge and pre-charge are available according to different battery voltage.10. Charging current: there is a connecting between current intensity and charge mode. The details as below:Nominal capacity     Pre-charge current     Fast charge current     End charge current≥6000                          400mA                      2500mA                          300mA≥3500                          400mA                      2000mA                          200mAelse                             200mA                      1000mA                          100mA Function Introduction1. ChargeActive, pre-charge, constant current and constant voltage are the stages of charging mode. The initial charging mode depends on the battery voltage, so active and pre-charge dont happen to every batteries.2. DischargeConstant current discharge for double loadsInner load: 0~1000mA, adjustable continuously via Battery Manager, default discharging current = 500mAExternal load: 0mA, 500mA, 1000mA, 1500mA, 2000mA, five gears with dip switches offered3. TestTesting time is 30 seconds and the purpose is to check both the charging and discharging performances. After finishing test, LED flickers with green colour and LCD reports the test result.4. Capacity CorrectionThe battery capacity value in the battery management chip will different from the actual capacity after a battery goes through many recycling cycles. It will affect the use of the battery when the difference reaches a certain degree. Capacity correction is to deep discharge a battery and then fully charge, which will correct the capacity value in the battery management chip.5. 50% CapacityCD50%: charge firstly, and then discharge to 50% capacityDC50%: discharge firstly, and then charge to 50% capacity6. Online FunctionsTester can be connected with master machine via a USB cord. Users can monitor, control and set parameters via Battery Manager software in the master machine.7. MonitoringBattery information can be monitored via three windows.a. Home screenBattery bar and breif information can be read on home screen.b. Battery detail information windowShow smart battery data in real time and the data can be saved and printed in image format.c. Battery graph windowVoltage, current and capacity are traced in curves.8. ControlBattery Manager can control slave machine completely. Right-click menu on the battery bar includes the related commands.9. ParametersUsers can set working parameters via set parameter window in Battery Manager.10. Others1> Active cooling2> Active batteries of zero voltage3> Battery identification4> Intelligent protection: against over-current, over-voltage, over-charge, over-heat and short circuit.5> Suitable for almost all laptop batteries, above 95% Tester Kit1 x tester1 x load1 x cable for load1 x adapter1 x USB cord1 x CD13 x connectors10 x cables10 x jumpers Tester Kit:  Charge / discharge Demo:  External load discharge a battery directly:    

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