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Great Quality TIG/MMA-165I Inverter IGBT TIG/MMA Welding Machine

Price: US $ 50 - 100 / Piece
Brand Name: DONGSEN
Model Number: TIG/MMA-165I
Post Date: Jul 07,2012

Product Description: Great Quality TIG/MMA-165I Inverter IGBT TIG/MMA Welding Machine

    Great Quality TIG/MMA-165I Inverter IGBT TIG/MMA Welding Machine    



Superior HF arc starting makes it easy to operatePWM control technology and advanced circuitry allows a wide-ranged voltage input of ±15%,delivers optimal constant output current and superior dynamic characteristics,reduces spatter and fumes,ensures better arc stability,equal penetration and a good weldThe effective protection circuitries against various damaged risks such as overload of voltage,overload of current,voltage shortage,overheat delivers high reliability during operatingThe advantage of lightweight and small volume makes it very suitable for the movable position jobsDigital display

Applications:  Widely used on the precise welding of various materials such as stainless steel,carbon steel,copper and other nonferrous metals.


ModelUnitTIG/MMA-145ITIG/MMA-165ITIG/MMA-200ITIG/MMA-250ITIG/MMA-315ITIG/MMA-400IMinimum order quantityPCS5030Rated input voltageV230±15%( 1 phase)380±15% (3 phases)Rated input frequencyHz50/60Rated input powerKVA5. input currentA 14.919.7Rated output rangeStick A30-12030-14030-16030-20030-28030-330TIG   A10-14520-16520-20020-22520-31520-400Stick V23.926.528296166TIG   V1515191932.636Duty cycle@36°C%606060606060Efficiency%858585858585Protection class IP23IP23IP23IP23IP23IP23Insulation class FFFFFFArc forceA 30-20030-200Pre-flow timeS0. timeS55555,10,15,30     Optional5,10,15,30     OptionalTIG arc starting HFHFHFHFHFHFTIG welding thicknessMM0.5-50.5-80.5-100.5-100.5-120.5-20Welding electrode Dia.MM1.6-3.21.6-3.21.6-4.01.6-4.01.6-4.01.6-5.0Net weightKGS9.81111142227DimensionCM45X30X3845X30X3845X30X3845X30X3863X37.5X4863X37.5X48


Accessories:  1pc 4m TIG integrated torch,1pc earth cable with clamp,1 set of regulator(wp-17,wp-18,wp-26,qq-150)





Verified Information This information was Verified by Bureau Veritas and its Validity Period is  2012/06/27 --- 2012/09/13 The information below covers both the Gold Supplier and its related companies, which are defined according to china laws and regulations, and which will also be clearly displayed in the full report >> Production Capacity: Product Line Name Production Line Capacity Actual Units Produced(Previous Year) MMA, TIG, TIG & MMA, MIG & MAG, CUT, CUT/MMA/TIG 275,000 units per year 166500units Export Market Distribution: Market Revenue(Previous Year) Total Revenue (%) South America USD 1,896,200 9.5 Eastern Europe USD 2,102,000 10.5 Southeast Asia USD 2,485,300 12.5 Africa USD 329,860 1.6 Mid East USD 2,247,320 11.3 Western Europe USD 2,624,360 13.2 Domestic Market USD 8,250,991 41.4 Production Machinery: Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition CNC Panasert AVF 2 2.0 Acceptable Dual Wave Welding Machine SMT-GOT-250DS 1 5.0 Acceptable DC Soldering Iron L402951 30 4.0 Acceptable Ultrasonic Cleaners CJD 2 5.0 Acceptable PCB Tester No information 30 4.0 Acceptable Drying Oven HS 2 4.0 Acceptable SL-OTP No information 2 5.0 Acceptable CNC Wire-stripping Machine P600 2 4.0 Acceptable Torque Wrench DR 12 4.0 Acceptable AVR TSGC 15 4.0 Acceptable Oscilloscope YUHU 2 4.0 Acceptable Pipeline No information 5 5.0 Acceptable Testing Machinery: Machine Name Brand & Model No. Quantity Number of Year(s) Used Condition Semiconductor Instrument Machine QT2 2 2.0 Acceptable Capacitor Leakage Tester AT680SE 1 3.0 Acceptable Electrical Bridge TH2811C 10 2.0 Acceptable Electric Welder Testing System No information 1 4.0 Acceptable DC Stabilized Power Supply PS-303D 1 2.0 Acceptable High Voltage Switch Tester AINU 5 3.0 Acceptable Electrolytic Capacitor Leakage Tester TH268C 1 2.0 Acceptable Temperature Tester TC1008 1 4.0 Acceptable Production Flow:
    Plug-in Wave Soldering Ultrasonic Cleaning PCB Testing Painting PCB Heating Assembling Welding & Debugging Ageing Welding & Testing Packing Certification: Certified Picture Certification Name Certified By Certificate No. Product Name & Model No. Available Date --- Expired Date ISO9001: 2008 CQC,CNAS 00111Q27282R1M/3300 Scope: Design\Development and Manufacture of Electrica Drill, Angele Grinder, Marble Cutter, Hammer Drill,\Circular Saw and 630A Following Arc Welding Machine 2011/08/24 --- 2014/08/23 CE Intertek V007070061-1 Welding Machine: MMA-85, MMA-105, MMA-145, MMA-165, TIG/MMA-145, TIG/MMA-165 2008/07/25 --- 2049/12/31 CE Intertek V006120582 Power Source for Arc Welding: TIG/MMA-165, TIG/MMA-145 2007/03/29 --- 2049/12/31 CE Intertek V006120583 Power Source for Arc Welding: MMA-165, MMA-145 2007/03/29 --- 2049/12/31 CE Intertek V006120581 Power Source for Arc Welding: MMA-105, TIG/MMA-145 2007/09/07 --- 2049/12/31 GS Intertek 07SHW2388-01 Power Source for Arc Welding: MMA-105, MMA-85 2007/09/07 --- 2012/09/07 CDF Intertek 07SHW0646-01 Power Source for Arc Welding: MMA-165, MMA-145 2007/03/20 --- 2049/12/31 CDF Intertek 07SHW0644-01 Power Source for Arc Welding: TIG/MMA-165, TIG/MMA-145 2007/03/20 --- 2049/12/31 Testing Report: Report Picture Report Name Report By Product Name & Model No. Report Date EMC Test Report Intertek Welding Machine: MMA-85, MMA-105, MMA-145, MMA-165,TIG/MMA-145, TIG/MMA-165 2008/07/25 Test Report Intertek Welding Power Sources 2007/02/01 Test Report Intertek Welding Power Sources 2007/08/22

Supplier Details:

Zhejiang Dongsen Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. Frank Xiang

Contact Phone:0086-579-89086113,87799367,15215889970

Main Products:Welding machine,Stick welder,TIG welder,Mig welding machine,Air plasma Cutter,Power tool


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