300W led grow light pink led grow light

Price: US $ 229 - 245 / Piece
Brand Name: lijie
Model Number: lijie-300w
Post Date: Jul 07,2012

Product Description: 300W led grow light pink led grow light

1. 300W LED grow light Specialty.


1) 300W LED grow light (LED the fill light plant) by the metal case by the system, including 288 PCS single 1W LED, built-in 45W constant current source 6 PCS, with high performance, low energy consumption, etc.  


2) The input voltage is 85-264-V, easy to use, safe, is applicable to any country. 


3) Built-in 8 PCS fan, can reduce effectively products work heat dissipation problems, to ensure that the products of normal use of time.


4) Light Angle: 120 degrees (a lot of radiation area.) according to the customer request also can choose other luminous Angle.


5) Safety, environmental protection contains no pollution and harmful substances.


6) High photosynthetic efficiency: 90% send out light can be absorbed by plant. 


7) 300W LED grow light can instead of 3 to 5 times the power of the high-pressure sodium lamp, save 80% of electric power.


8) Use 1W high power LED as the light source.


9) Built-in cooling system (fan cooling) solves heat dissipation problems.




This is lighting colors curve picture



2. 300W LED lamp plant the installation and use of explanation.


 1) 300W LED grow light only can use indoor plants.


2) Cut off the power supply, before installation. Please don’t get an electric shock in the job avoid touch the surface of the lamp.


3) Please use products in normal circumstances .


4) Please don’t installed in the heat source place and avoid hot steam, the place of corrosive gas, lest affect life span.


5) Please ensure the installation position can withstand 10 times the weight of the product .


6) Please installed light in no vibration, no swing, no fire hidden trouble place .


7) This product without waterproof function, do not pour water. Can't use in the areas where there is water or is the place to avoid the light of the irrigation damage.


8) Then the products in working,please do not touch, knock products.


9) 300W LED grow light working temperature at below 65 °C. plant temperature between 25 °C-28 °C.


10) If in rainy day, please turn off the switch.


11) When the light in the night lighting, it is easy to attract insects and small animals, please close the door of the shed.


12) 300W LED grow light the use time of day is 10 - 16hours.

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