DC motor speed control regulator

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Model Number: WZX motor speed regulator
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Product Description: DC motor speed control regulator

 DC motor speed control  regulator



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 working principle:

 1 Control function of the Motor  driver controllerThe full open distributed I/O system established with PROFIBUS, with rapid control over the response, high coordination synchronism and control precision, strong anti-interference capability, can program the special process procedures according to the different processes and fully meet the process requirements and the onsite control functions.


It has strong expanded function, as to the points that are deemed to be controlled, monitored and protected, it can be conveniently introduced.


The control function is divided into internal and external control, the internal control means the local control, namely control over the single onsite equipment on the control cabinet so as to carry out the single commissioning and overhaul convenient. This function can be realized through the communication; the external control means the centralized control; the large and medium sized PLC of Siemens is the core of the system control; the control will be realized through PLC and the external extensive module, the operation and the monitoring will be centralized on the operation desk and the central control machine. This function is mainly realized through PROFIBUS communication


2 The operation desk can display the states and parameters in the centralization mode according to the need

It can display the indexes that shall be paid greatest attention to in the system. The display is accurate and convenient, the operator can master the operation condition of the equipment in the first time, depending on the specific process, in common sense, including speed of rotation, voltage, current, flow, pressure and so on; it can be displayed digitally or analogously.


Indication of the basic operation state. Each unit allow for the starting, switching-in indication, switching-off indication and default indication an so on.


3   Central control machine

the industrial process control software WINCC is built in the machine with rich function. The function of the menu is powerful. All of the measured values will be accurately detected and calculated to ensure the high precision and accuracy.  UPS will be special allocated, even if the power network meets with failure of power of default, the default records and operation parameters will not be lost so that the maintenance personnel can analyze and check it conveniently.


Dynamically display the quantity to be monitored. Digitalized display and high precision.

Specially set and modify the process parameter (online), monitor the actual values monitored and fed back in real time for comparison. In principle, the parameter is not allowed to be modified after being set.


The random or error operation can be prevented through the limitation of authority.

Monitor the parameters with reference value in real time, draw the analogous curves and put on record; the sampling of the data shall be accurate, the period shall short, the precision shall be high and the time of keeping on the record can be adjusted.


Specially display the default information, monitor in real time and put it on the record. Each item includes the time, date, lasting time, message text (default description) of the default, error point, help text and message types and so on.


 protection function

Over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-high and over-low protection of power frequency.

Protection of over-current, over-load and short circuit.

Fault containment of excitation loop: under-excitation, phase voltage, default of fuse and so on;

Phase voltage default protection of armature power;

Default protection of electric panel power supply;

Over-temperature protection of motor;

Default of speed measurement and feedback unit protection;

Overtime protection of communication and bus-bar default protection;

Default of elements of thyristor protection;

External default protection: oil return, cooling water and lubrication, oil pressure, oil temperature, tensile and so on;

Interface default protection.

Speed Adjustment Range


Speed Adjustment precision

0.1%  0.01%  2%

Input Power supply(590+)

3AC 220V~690V

Input Power supply(6RA70)

3AC 400V~830V

Rated Out Put Current(590+)


Rated Out Put Current(6RA70)


Rated Voltage(590+)


Rated Voltage(6RA70)


Air pressure


level of protection





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