Digital camera battery charger for Sony Nikon Canon

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Model Number: CH-102
Post Date: Jul 07,2012

Product Description: Digital camera battery charger for Sony Nikon Canon

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1.Compatible with most 3.6V&7.2V digital camera, camcorder&mobile phone Li-ion batteries

2.Power and battery status indication.

3.Microprocessor identifies 3.6V/7.2V batteries&"+" "-" polarities and adjusts to charger automatically.

4.Over current protection, over voltage protection and over time protection.

5.Micrpprocessor accurately controls fast/trickle charge to make battery full-charge rapidly.

6.Can be used with car cigarette lighter.



Operation instructions:

1.Power supply:

a, The charger is ready for use once the AC power adaptor is connected to the indoor main supply and connected to the charger with usb link, the red power indicator will turn on.


b, When using in car, connect the DC adaptor to the cigarette lighter socket and the DC output to the charger with usb link, the red power indicator will turn on.


2.Adjust the contact ports of the charger

(This step is for different batteries to be charged, otherwise it's no need and just go to the step 3 directly if for the same batteries).


a, ake sure of the "+" "_" contact plates position of the battery (Where there are signs).


b,Withdraw the slip block to make the "+" "-"contact plates of the battery closed to the one of the charger, then sandwich the battery into the space.


c, Make the contact ports of the charger adjusted to the "+"  "-" contact plates of the battery with a thin and long thing such a pen.



Charging the battery


AS soon as the battery is properly connected, charging begins, as indicated by the green blinking light of the charge status indicator. When charging is complete, the charge status indicator stops flashing and remains solid green. At this point,the battery can be removed for use. However it is recommended that you leave the battery connected to the charger for another 30 minutes to ensure full-charge.



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