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Brand Name: Powerjet
Model Number: BJ-160S5
Post Date: Jul 07,2012

Product Description: Bottle Cap Injection Molding Machine Price (BJ160S5)

1. Hydraulic System  

• Close-loop control.  

• Increase injection pressure / speed resolution rate   

• High accuracy measurement control. Reduce the standard deviation to 1/3.

• High-pressured ratio of the injection pressure. Max increase 20%

• Increase response rate

• Sustantially improve the stable control of mold opening & clamping.


2. Clamping Unit

• Five pivots double toggle mould clamping mechanism.

• Finite element analysis on structure, the mould board is more logical, stronger and higher fatigue resistance.

• Low pressure protection function greatly prolongs the service life of the mould.

• High precision electron meter is used to control position, the control precision is 0.1 mm.

• Mechanical, electric and hydraulic (optional) safety protection are equipped


3. Injection Unit  

• Superior and efficient separating screw and high mixing screw increase the range of material used, and guarantee molten material to be uniform and stable.  

• Machine above BJ400 adopts double injection shift devices to prevent injection nozzle displacement and avoid material leakage.

 4. Controller

•  It can store injection material information for 120 setsof moulds 

•  Fuzzy temperature control is use. High and low temperature deviation alarm and thermocouple disconnection inspection functions are available. 

•   Function to prevent cold material start-up. 

•   Times of forming can be matched with automatic stop function for convenient production management.  

•   Computer controlled automatic lubrication devices. 

•   Automatic mould adjustion function.


5. Lubrication System

• Major friction parts are equipped with lubrication points. Central oil supply system is used for hinges.

• Intelligent volumetric centralized lubricating system, controlled by computer, sends quantitatively lubricating oil to wearing points.  


6. Major components


7. Parameter 


DESCRIPTIONUNITBJ160S5CLAMPING UNITClamping forceKN1600Opening strokemm440Max.daylightmm940Platen sizemm×mm705×705Space between Bars(H*V)mm×mm460×460Max. Mold Heightmm500Min. Mold Heightmm160Ejector Stokemm140Ejector ForceKN49INJECTION UNITScrew Diametermm42 46 52Screw L/D Ratio 22 20.5 18Injection PressureMPa212 177 139Shot Volumecm³284 340 435Shot Weight(PS)g267 320 409OZ9.4 11.3 14.4Injection Rateg/sec105 126 161Plasticizing capacitymm/sec19 27 36Screw Strokemm205Screw SpeedRPM210POWER UNITHydraulic system pressureMPa17.5Pump motor powerKW14Heater powerKW9.8GENERALOil tank capacityL260Machine weightTon4.5Machine dimensions(l×w×h)m×m×m4.8×1.3×1.8


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