soft therapy laser equipment(diode laser)

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Brand Name: SUNNY
Model Number: MDL50|||MDL50
Post Date: Jul 06,2012

Product Description: soft therapy laser equipment(diode laser)

soft therapy laser equipment(diode laser)-MDL50,50mW.


Irradiation treatment principle
MDL-50 medical semiconductor laser instrument ,exports  high power, longest wavelength, strong penetrability. high laser energy also can import personal deep organization, which are used for treating joint with acupuncture and diseases parts. have much effective, such as ease pain, diminish inflammation , contradict infection, promote organization rehabilitate. adjust inside body balance. stimulate to produce more. promote wound cicatrize.
its output power is 0 to 500mw, which can be regulated continuously. laser output is stable. that has small volume, light weight , good operation, extensively treat, bring expediently.


Adaptive symptom
Acceleration of wound healing. Sciatica  and LBP. Shoulder contusions, frozen shoulder. Calcium deposits e.g. hyperalgic calcareous tendonitis .  TMJ problems.  Oedema reduction.  Keloid scar tissue. Decubiti. Muscle Overuse syndrome.  Dupuytrens contractures/Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Strains, sprains, Herpes, headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, Epicondylitis. Post dental pain etc. Being a lower energy output laser it requires a little more treatment time. Treatment time is related to energy output.
adaptive symptom                                                      
Nonnasality department: hemodia, stomatitis, exfoliation lip, nonnasality viscidity, after pulling out teeth, acute pericoronitis, trigeminal pain, disorganized mandible and joint.
Bone wound department: shoulder-joint inflammation, scathing parenchyma, tennis ball elbow, strained waist, promote cicatrization  after operation, arthritis.
Nerve department: migraine, facial nerve paralysis, zona, neurlgia, scathing brain sequela.
Dermatology department: canker, bedsore, psoriasis, itch skin, dermatitis, bare fleck, honeycomb system inflammation.
Department of gynaecology: dysmenorrhea, pelvic infection, vulvitis, mastitis, wean pneumonia, diarrhea, enuresis, asthma.
Department of facial features: pharyngitis, acute tonsillitis, nasal septum debaucjed,nasosinusitis, auricle inflammation,  tympanitis.

laser source :GaAlAs               
Output power :50mW
Wavelength :650nM
Timed :0-99m
Dimension (mm) :350*250*130
weight :3Kg
Electrical input  AC220Vor110V 
Warranty :1 year


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Sunny Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Jenny Zhang

Contact Phone:86-21-59166812

Main Products:Surgical Instruments

Business type:Manufacturer


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