IPL beauty equipment for hair removal and skin rejuvenation for sale

Price: US $ 1 - 3,500 / Set
Brand Name: Tone
Model Number: JS-005|||JS-005
Post Date: Jul 06,2012

Product Description: IPL beauty equipment for hair removal and skin rejuvenation for sale

E light & ND-YAG laser

Why choose JS company as your parter?
    There are so many companies saying they are manufacturers forbeauty equipments, however, they only buy components from factories andthen assemble them together. This is not real manufacturer. If anyproblem happens, they only can let the real manufacturer repair themachine but not themselves, this is a time wasting process.
    JS company is a real sense manufacturer, all the key componentssuch as power source, handles and operation screen and so on, areproduced by ourselves, so we can promise slove any problem within oneweek. You will be assured for the best after sale service if you chooseBejing JS company as your cooperator.

Application of  E light& ND-YAG laser machine:
    1. permanents hair removal
    2. spots removal , freckle removal, age pigment removal
    3. skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, contours shaping, facial red blood line removal, skin whitening
    4. acne treatment
    5. tattoo removal, eyebrow line removal, lip line tattoo removal 
    Operation screen:
    Light source : intensive pulse light & ND-YAG laser instrument
    Waveband of E light : 480nm/530nm/580nm/640nm/690nm
    IPL energy: 0-50J/cm2

    IPL freuqency: 1s,2s,3s,4s

    Pulse space: 5-60ms

    Pulse duration: 2-15ms

    IPL power source: 2,000W

    RF frequency: 10Mhz

    RF power source: 900W

    Light spot area: 12*30mm2/15*50mm2

    Cooling system: semiconductor+ water+ wind+ cooling gel

    Waveband of ND-YAG laser: 532nm& 1064nm

    Type of laser: sapphire + ruby switch Q/KTP/YAG laser instrument 

    Pulse energy: 1300mj

    Instruction Light: infrared ray indicator

    Width of pulse: 10ns

    Frequency: 1-5Hz

    Spot diameter: 1-8mm

    Cooling system: semiconductor+wind + water

    Input power: AC 220V(110V)/15A 50HZ(60HZ)

    Package: aluminous box plus thick sponge


 Tone company provide one yearwarrantee service for all machines. Within our warrantee period, weprovide free repair and any problem result from inferior qualitycomponents, we provide components with no charge.

   Tone company provide free maintenance service for all the lifetime of our machine




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