GSM/GPS/GPRS Car alarm and Tracking system

Price: US $ 85 - 120 / Set
Brand Name: C2S
Model Number: GPS 100A
Post Date: Jul 06,2012

Product Description: GSM/GPS/GPRS Car alarm and Tracking system

GSM/GPS/GPRS Car alarm and Tracking system 

 1.  Production Introduction

GPS-100A a GSM/GPS car alarm and tracker for car security protection. With traditional One way car alarm technology combined advanced GSM wireless communication and GPS positioning technology. It support all basic car alarm detecting and operation habits, and upgrade all alarms alert via siren sounding to be Mobile Phone SMS and Call notification for users.


2.  Features

1.Cover vehicles with  Alarm protection
Central Lock configuration
Vibration Sensor
Door Trigger
Siren Sound
Remote Controll Operation with RF Transitter
Auto door lock
Panic Help
Voice Mic monitoring
Mute Arm/Disarm
Locating Car in parking lot2.Emergency Help
Send an SMS message to Central Control Center/Friends/Family  for emergency or panic assistance.3.Locate your vehicle
Send an SMS message from your cell phone to test your unit in your family
or driver's vehicle and to fi nd out where they are. One SMS is all it takes to be notified of your car's exact whereabouts.4.Battery Tamper Warning
When power to the vehicle unit is interfered with in any way, a proactive warning is sent to the users and the Support Centre.5.Double Tracking Coverage with GSM and satellite
When the unit went to the area without GPS signal, the unit support GSM backup tracking  via GSM network base station and Switch Tower address.6.Cell phone access
Three authorised users can request position, speed and status information via SMS or Phone call to the unit with  voice hints operation menu.7.Immobilizer
Two situation it will work for you
1)The burgular get into your vehicle illegally, the system will automcatically activate the Immolizer and lock your vehicle. They cannot drive your car away;
2)Or they drive your car away, you still can make a call to the vehicle unit and activate the immobilizer immdiately. It will lock the vehicle oil supply/Powe supply, they cannot drive the car any more.8. International Tracking
GPS-100 operates on GSM in neighbouring countries and the vehicle can be tracked in that country by your cell phone.9.Voice Monitoring
It's dangerious for you to meet the burgulars alone, but you can silently access the GPS-1200 and switch on the voice monitoring mode, you can hear and fnd out what they are talking about or what they are doing!!!10.Remote "Over the Air" functional
Almost of the system feature you can operate via SMS or phone calls, no need to worry the distance restriction any more.11.GEO Fencing
Manage your vehicle driving area. The GPS-1200 provide with a circle area to restrict the driving12.Cell Phone tracking
By "P" command sent to the device, it will reply back you one map web link. you can open it in your cell phone and locate the position immediately

3.  Specification

- GSM Working Frequency: 850(Optional) /900 /1800 /1900MHz
- GPS(SiRFstarIII chipset) : Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz.  Minimum signal tracked: -159dBm
- WorkingTemperature: Working Temp -25°C ~ +75°C 
- Humidity: 20—95% 
- Remote control: Working frequency: 315Hz/433MHz.
- Mainframe Power supply: 12 or 24V DC
- Backup battery: Poly-Li battery, 800mAh 3.7V

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Shenzhen C2S Technology Co., Ltd.

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Contact Phone:86-755-83986996

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