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All Ceramic zirconia PFM Porcelain Crown:

produced by CAD/CAM programm, complete zirconia base and bridge, VITA VM9 biological veneering.

Zirconia - Porcelain

Zirconia - Porcelain crowns are an exciting recent development in dentistry that allow us to restore badly broken down teeth with a material matches the characteristics of our own enamel more closely . Unlike the crowns of the past which had a metal substructure and would allow light to pass through them, porcelain is translucent, just like enamel. This gives to it a much more natural, life-like appearance allowing us to restore teeth in such a natural way as to make them unnoticeable. In addition, an all porcelain crown can be bonded firmly to your tooth, which provides greater strength than the traditional crown.

na All Ceramic Zirconia Dental Crown


1)excellent light transmission,a lifelike colour and luster and good biocompatibility

2)strength:900-1200 mpa

3)CAD/CAM manufactured in entire process and owning excellent precision

4)Applied to single crown and posterior pontic over 3 units

5)Strong masking bility

6)eximious corrosion resistance and abration resistance

7)Outstanding marginal fit

8)Excellent esthetics

9)No allergy potential or irritation of tissue

10)Low thermal conductivity provides greater comfort for patients







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