ultrasound fat loss equipment weight loss machine

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Fat explosion function
Applies the cavitation theory,uses the 40kHz,50KHZ ultrasound to make intense vibration,which causes a inner explosion in the fat tissues& thus get rid of lipocyte.It can effectively break down stubborn  and deep fat,decrease lipocyte quantity and its size.The diathermal and vacuum suction can promote lipocyte and tissues liquid flow,which help drainage of faty acid,waste and toxin through lymph system.The vacuum function will promote liquid flow of lipocyte and fat tissues, then speed up excretion of toxins and waste,achieve effect of fat elimination,slimming,skin tightening and enhancing muscle flexibility.


Move  fat
Use of pressure to fight against stubborn fat,to break down fat,remove fat and body sculpting.The kneading effect produced by vacuum pressure,enhancing organizational activities of Skin and muscle to help reduce cellulite organization.The vacuum liposuction conduct a repeated squeezing on fat,excrete dissolved fatty acids and toxins  through the lymphatic system to achieve rapid weight-loss, dispel edema and tighten the skin.


Bio electrcity function
Use of variable frequency pulse current develop different slimming program,with electrode pieces placed on the abdomen,waist,hips,thighs and other parts rich in muscle,generate fast-paced campaign to make the body consume too many calories, effectively eliminate the accumulated fat;Promote blood circulation, smooth the lymphatic system, and clear the meridians, to reconcile vigour and blood, to achieve effect of slimming and body shaping. 





A. Repel the cellulite.

B. Deep Fat Dissolving.

C. Tighten the tissue,restore elasticity.

D. Body shaping.

E. Tighten skin.


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