Bamboo fiber underwear Men's underwear Men's boxers

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Brand Name: B.Ladies
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Post Date: Jul 05,2012

Product Description: Bamboo fiber underwear Men's underwear Men's boxers

Product Name: bamboo fiber underwear

Brand Name: B.Ladies

Specification: L, XL,XXL

Contents: 95%bamboo 5%spandex

Color Available: grey, red, dark-blue

Feature: breathable, soft

Label: clients advise

Payment terms: T/T, L/C



Hygroscopic and Breathable
    The function moisture absorption, damp release and ventilation of bamboo fiber has proved to be best compared to that of other textile products from authorized test. As the intersecting surface is filled with various tiny gap and micro-holes, it has much better moisture absorption and ventilation. With this unparalleled microstructure, bamboo fiber garment can effectively absorb and evaporate human sweat in a split second, and makes to feel cool in summer and never suffocative in winter. From test figure, apparel make from bamboo is 1-2 degree lower compared with normal clothing in hot summer.

Antibacterial and Deodorant
    Bamboo fiber is a green environmental material refined from natural bamboo. It is antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant and mothproof. From test, it is found that bacteria can survive in large amount to multiply in cotton fiber, but approximate 95% bacteria will be killed after 24 hours when they care in bamboo fiber. Because of the effective anti-bacteria function, bamboo fiber is deodorant and keeps refreshing for a long time with no bad smell.

Ultraviolet radiation resistant
    It is testified that bamboo fiber can rarely be penetrated by 200-400nm ultraviolet radiation which is most harmful for human being, and this is what other textile products cant compete.

Soft and Glossy
    Bamboo fiber is of good tenacity, flexible, slippery, glossy, good lateral and vertical intensity, soft as silk and so on.

Green and Environmental
    Bamboo fiber is refined textile products by natural bamboo from home is able to grow 3 feet over night, as it is rapid growing renewable resource, it can replace cotton, wood etc.
    Bamboo fiber is biodegradable textile material. It can be completely biodegraded in soil by microorganism and sunshine. This decomposition process does not cause any environmental pollution.

Natural and Health Cared
    There are treasures all over bamboo body. In ancient time bamboo is closely linked with our ancestors life. In compendium of Material Medical there are 24 places explaining different medical effects and prescription, even thousands of bamboo prescription are kept in folk.
    Bamboo can be soft and silky damask by modern technique. It has devoted a lot for humanity life and now is everywhere around us.

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Bamboo Ladies Home Textile Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Rita Tang

Contact Phone:86-575-88363565

Main Products:Women's Panties

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