PDT/LED light machine acne scar removal medical beauty equipment

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Brand Name: Bester Medical
Model Number: L324
Post Date: Jul 04,2012

Product Description: PDT/LED light machine acne scar removal medical beauty equipment

Portable Home Use LED PDT Beauty Machine


Acne Treatment, Blood Vessels Removal, Pigment Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening,

Wrinkle Remover ect.



1. Fatigue removal and soothing

2. Blackeye and eyebag caused by lack of sleep

3. Facial defects, dermal patches, freckles, sunburn, pigmentation, etc. caused by sun damage and aging.

4. Skin allergy, pimple, acne mark and folliculitis

5. Wrinkle, fine line and skin relaxation

6. Repair of coarse pore, rough skin, dark skin and damaged skin

7. Improvement of facial nerve numb, stiffness and spasm

8. Anti-inflammation, pain-killing, reduction of swelling and heal of wound/ulcer

9. Alopecia, seborrheric alopecia, shingles, dermatitis, eczema, condyloma and pruritus

Detailed Specification

1. Type of lighting source:LED genetic organism light.

2. Number of LEDS: 324PCS.

3. Output wavelength:  red - 640nm±5nm; blue - 470nm±5nm. red & blue mixed color.

4. Area of light spot:  120*220mm.

5. Light intensity:  8000-10000mcd.

6. Timer:   menu options of 20min, 40min and 60min, three level of continuously adjustable lighting head.

7. Music playback: MP3 with 2G storage.

8. Output control mode:  manual and remote.

9. Power supply: 110V/220V±%10 60Hz/50Hz.

10. Total power: 25W.

11. Net weight: 5Kg

12. Dimension:  250*500*560mm.



1. Human-oriented design – Patented arm and exterior design manifests its noble quality. 360 degree free operation, adjustable power, controllable pulse light, timer, patented MP3 lullaby playback and remote control make is suitable for both household and office use.

2. Switch-type constant current circuit – Low voltage, low current, low power consumption, low heat, high luminous intensity, high performance, high comfort level and high safety.

3. Unique chip – Chip imported from US is leading in optical power, wavelength, purity, etc. within the country. The unique patented dual-chip regulation and packaging technologies ensure stable performance, wide voltage range adaptability and homogeneous light spot.

4. Patented cooling technology for lighting head using aeronautical material  


LED series

The reaction of photo dynamic is driven by near-infrared, ultraviolet, or visible light. This new technology is systemic administration of a photo sensitizer, which are excited by photons with chemical and biology process. The photodynamic therapy can treat a vast number of skin conditions successfully and has been proven to restore youth to aging skin. Photodynamic therapy is preferentially taken up by tissues of strong mitotic activity and pathological stoma. Photo sensitizers develop no spontaneous toxicity; they must be excited by photons to produce catatonic free radicalism, such as single oxygen and superoxide radicals selectively destroy the euplastic cells having strong mitotic activities.

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