High power 288pcs 1w leds led grow lights panel 300w full spectrum

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Brand Name: HY
Model Number: HY-G-300W(288x1w)
Post Date: Jul 04,2012

Product Description: High power 288pcs 1w leds led grow lights panel 300w full spectrum

High power 288pcs 1w leds led grow lights panel 300w full spectrum 



1. Technical data 








300W (288x1w) actual power 260w

Input voltage



11,500 Lm

Input current



50,000 hrs

Work  frequency

50/60 Hz


Red/Blue/Red& Blue &orange&white&uv&ir or customized


1) Use high efficient 1w LED as the light source, base on 288*1w high power LEDs with metal cover, built-in power supply switch, it makes 97% energy efficiency saving.

2) Input voltage: 85-265V,easy to use and install.

3) Lifespan: over 50000 hours.

4) Built-in 6pcs fans could solve the heat dissipation excellently to keep the product in normal use .

5) Our common light ratio :8:1 , 7:2 , 7:1:1  with the mixture of  red , blue , orange  ,yellow and  white lights, or customized as your requests .

6) Blue LEDs can easily be added to enhance vegetative growth , red LEDs are good for promoting  the fruiting and flowering stage , our suggestions on the wavelength are red (620-630nm) , red(640-660nm) , blue (450-  460nm) , blue (460-470 nm) ,  You can choose the wavelength and color ratio which is most suitable for your plant growth.


2. Main features

1) High-quality led chips: As we all know, Cree, Bridgelux and Epistar are the famous manufacturers of led chips in the world, high quality ensured. And now many factories offered you much cheap prices for led products do not use the chips of those brands.  Yet price is one point for most of clients, but it is not the only one, sometimes cheap price means lower quality, while low-quality chips is easy to shorten the lifespan of led lights. Our company just uses the chips of Cree, Bridgelux and Epistar, and supply tow-year warranty for our clients. If any quality problems, we promise to replace them 1:1 and charge the round-trip shipping cost.


2) Special aluminum PCB board and excellent heat sink case: The LEDs are fixes on a special aluminum board, which has an excellent performance in heat dissipation; also we added an extra heat sink case on the back of aluminum board to push the process of heat dissipation to prevent from its burning out.


3) Good heat dissipation: built-in fans can well push the process of heat emitting, extend the working life of led products and it runs quietly.


4) A built-in power supply, no other accessories. Easy to install and use, plug into the electric outlet (AC85-265v) directly, safe and no noise. And don’t need any ballast or lens.


5) Green products: There are no heavy harmful metals, and have CE& RoHS certificates.


6) The wavelength can be set flexibly; we suggest led grow light R: B 5:4. Aquarium light W: B 6:3 Other Ratio Customized. Red light is good for blooming, budding and fruits, while the blue is good plants' growth. The color ratios and wavelength could be customized according to your special requirements.


7) Cost saving: Use high power LEDs, it can replace 3-5 times higher working efficiency MH/HPS grow lights, our led grow light will save energy consumption over 80% and save you more money.


8) Long lifespan: Our led grow light can be over 50000hrs, nearly 17years if it works 8 hours per day which much longer than the traditional ones.


9) Fast and stable after sales. Tow year after sales are provided, and as for any problems or requirements, they will be replied within 24 hours by our professional sales.


3. Product Applications

Hydroponics & Horticulture & Greenhouse Lighting, Seeding/Seedling/Breeding, Farm/Flower Exhibition/Garden/Bonsai etc.


4. Kind Notes:

1) Indoor use only.

2) Turn off the power before installment, don't touch the surface of the lights when light on.

3) Please make sure using in the normal environment.

4) To avoid using nearby the hot or heat source place,  where has the corrosive gas.

5) Make sure the installment place could afford 10 times of the weight of light.

6) Installed position must be no shock, no fire hidden danger .

7) The product is non waterproof, so put it in the dry place .

8) Do not touch or/and knock the product body during working.

9) Recommended lighting time as the same as sun lighting , Vegetative Stage: 14-16 hours Flowering Stage: 10-12 hours


Attention: OEM&ODM are supplied; Cree, Brigelux and Epistar led chips are available, as well layout, color ratio and package design can be customized.

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