all round spray automatic car cleaning system

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Post Date: Jul 04,2012

Product Description: all round spray automatic car cleaning system

Hyperpressure:At present,its output pressure is the highest among touchless  automatic car cleaning system in China and the working pressure can reach 10Mpa.

Fast and convenient:only needs one minute and forty seconds that can finish the whole car cleaning.

No scratch,no harm to car paint:keep the car in washing process from scratching which caused by the dirt,sand or other impurities that exist in the brush and hand washing tools of the contact-type car washer and avoid cause the tiny scrach ,thereby protect the transparency of the car.

More thorough cleaning: compare with the traditional car washer,it can more thorough cleaning the oil dirt ,stains,silt and surface oxygen complex existing on the chassis ,slots ,tyres and any other parts of the car.

Safety and environmental protection:the main raw material of the car cleaning liquid is natural anti-static components, pure green product which is anti-aging,anti-ultravioet and with the characteristics of    biodegradability ,no-phosphorus, non-toxic,non-pollution.It contain the imported germicide which completes the  sterilization disinfection while cleaning the car at the same time.

Protection efficiency:The car cleaning liquid contains components for and polishing completed at the same can also forming a protective film while cleaning, to protect your car looks more pretty that dewaxing and dulling will never happen again.

In a short time,the car cleaning liquid no need wiping ,can disintegrate the slight dust rapidly which due to the static electricity function adsorption in the car paint surface. Make the slight suspended in the film surface.At the same time,  the water wax maintenance factor rapid thorough fill suffers injury the paint surface, plays the polishing role.After cleaning ,the new dust particlea and stains can only fall on this protective film and don’t contact the car paint.these particles can be easily dissolved and fall off when cleaning next time,which can keep your lovely car in a state of the original paint color forever..


Adopting concise appearance design, beautiful and practical, automatic computer rotating washing, indoor installation, saves the space, humanized design, with function of remote control, save manpower resources. Equip with swiping system, open different class car washing consumption card according to requirements of different clients. It suits to the large and medium-sized cities, parking lots, service station, highway crossing, car maintenance, car cosmetology shop, small car wash shop etc. High washing speed, high efficiency all-direction, super-pressure, non-friction which can promote image greatly.

Applicable vehicle type:all kinds of car,microbus,standard off-road vehicle,various minibuses etc.

Comparison of performance between Xinjielong car washer and contact car washer


Shangyi car washer

contact car washer

washing mode

full automatic,non-contact,wipe-free

bruch and towel have direct friction on the car


omnibearing,no blind spot,clean thorough,brighten the car

washing the surface only, can’t deeply washing, paint oxide thickening over time

car paint injury tolerance

no injury tolerance,forming protective film

easy cause the small scratches,damage to the car paint,speed up paint aging

cleaning pressure

high-pressure,dirt washing fast

by brush friction clean, washing effect is poorer

chassis cleaning

professional ground spray system,multi-angle washing

chassis cann’t cleaning all-around, chassis easy oxidation, shorten service life

running mode

options of various patterns, such as reciprocating, tunnel

as equipment limitation, can’t choose randomly

washing speed

fast, finish in several seconds

slow,about 3 to 5 minitutes

floor space

only general store room can be installed.

strict request on the plant, generally need more than 10meters long

fault rate

national patents,concise reasonable structure,low fault rate

complex structure, large action range, high fault rate

Technology Data

whole parameter

installation dimension



chassis washing function


track length



wipe-free function


work power

380/3PHZXE  50HZ


swiping function


main control system



remote control function


main motor power



air drying system


whole power



sewage recycle system


water consumption



LED advertising screen


power consumption

about 0.5kw/vehicle


automatic overhaul alarm function


washing speed



automatic door


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