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Post Date: Jul 04,2012

Product Description: thermal fiber glass insulation sheet

We supply thermal fiber glass insulation sheet - fr4 epoxy fiberglass sheet


(1)Bottom plate of PCB punching and prototyping machine,

(2)Reinforcement plate of testing fixture,

(3)Needle plate

(4)The material of Flexible Printed Circuit Board

(5)Other electronical products


(1)Low water absorption rate

(2)Hard to be deformed

(3)High mechanical strength,

(4)Good electric performance wether under the moist or dry environment, Flame retardant grade could reach 94-V0,

(5)High temperature resistant,high dielectric performance and mechanical processing performance.


Stand Color: Aqua Green,Yellow,Black

Standard size:1020*1220mm,1020mm *2040mm

Standard thickness range: 0.5~50mm

Size,color,thickness also can be customized.




Data sheet::


Name:epoxy glass fiber sheet  Model NO:FR-4  Base Material:Glass fibre + epoxy resin  Density:2      Item:Testing methodUnitResultFire Retardancy Grade:A --94-V0Flame Resistance:C-96/20/65°C170-180Voltage Resistance(penetrating)C-96/20/65 (in 25 °C oil)KV/mm18Voltage ResistanceC-96/20/65 (in 25 °C oil)KV/mm12Arc ResistanceC-96/20/65S60-80Permittivity(1MHZ):C-96/20/65  --4.0-5.0Permittivity(1MHZ):C-96/20/65 +D-48/50 --4.5-5.5Volume resistivity:C-96/20/65  +C-96/40/95Ω-cm5*10^11-10^13Surface resitance:C-96/20/65 +C-96/40/90Ω5*10^11-10^12Insulation Resistance:C-96/20/65 +D-2/100Ω10^12-10^13Conmpressive Strength(Vertical):Akg/mm229-34Conmpressive Strength(Horizontal):Akg/mm219-24Anti-impact intensity(Parrallellable):Akg-cm/cm2 7-9Bending strength(Horizontal):Akg/mm240-50Clevability:Akg850-1000Adhesive strength:Akg700-900Compressive strength(Horizontal):Akg/mm220-24Water absorption rate:E-24/50 +D-24/23%0.07-0.12

Supplier Details:

Kunshan Honglei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Mr. allan huang

Contact Phone:86-512-87886693

Main Products:GPO-3 polyster glass mat caminated sheet,glass fire board,antistatic board,insulating board,pc/pvc plastic boar


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