Zhianda Video Intercom Door Phone ZAD216-7C / ZAD515-5C (1 to 4 direct AC)

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Brand Name: ZHIANDA
Model Number: <span title="ZAD216-5C&ZAD515-5C (1 to 4 direct AC)">ZAD216-5C&ZAD515-5C (1
Post Date: Jul 04,2012

Product Description: Zhianda Video Intercom Door Phone ZAD216-7C / ZAD515-5C (1 to 4 direct AC)

Shenzhen Zhianda Electronic Co., Ltd. 



~ Indoor extension: 129(L)*190(W)*25(H)mm

~ Out door unit:127(L)*95(W)*35(H)mm  

~ surface mounting: video calling & conversation, door gate monitoring, hand free operation;                                           ~ Systems matching: can be 1 to 1; 1 to 2; 2 to 1 & 2 to2;                                                        

~ Wiring method:6core & AV input                                                                     

~ Color picture Resolution: 480(H)×234(V)                                                                        

~ Power: DC16V                                                                                                 



Effective wiring distance 150m using 0.75mm copper wire

Call sound output power High 300mW across 8 ohmLow 50mW across 8 ohmRMS

output power 40mW across 8 ohmPower source AC220, 50-60Hz

Model ZAD525-1C

Specifications: Application:Home: Integrate with autogate system. Tenant can talk with visitor from a safe location inside the house. Tenant can open autogate from inside upon confirming visitor purpose and identity.

Office: Integrate with EM Lock or access control reader. Allow clerk to see and talk with with visitor before opening EM Lock to unlock door. Especially convenient for staff in upper office floor - no need to rush down to manually open door for visitor. And monitor outside status from the camera carried by outdoor phone, and so you knows the outdoor status at any time.

Description:This package consist of 1 unit ZAD216-7C(as door unit) and 4 unit ZAD515-5C (as room unit).  Door unit is typically installed near the door. Room unit is typically installed inside a secured room.

ZHIANDA intensive R&D and quality control since 1996 has made ZHIANDA global top brand delivering exceptional good quality product to over 20 countries worldwide. ZHIANDA is the brand of confidence in door phone and intercom equipments.

How to use: Visitor press button on door unit to ring room unit inside. Tenant will see visitor picture, and talk or decide directly hang up the phone. Upon confirming visitor identity, just press the button on room unit to open door. In case there's unwanted visitors, the in-house can send alarm signals to the guard center at a one key pressing and the guard center will recognize the alarm source immediately and assistance can be arranged immediately.

Volume can be adjusted using a knob on room unit.Features:8cord ringer toneDesigned for either Desk use or Wall MountingElectric Door lock Release ButtonAvailable for use one Out Door Station with Four Room StationDelivery: Self collectionUSD80 only- 1 x ZAD216-8C (as door unit)- 1 x unit ZAD515-5C (as room unitd)ZHIANDA Intercom ZAD216-8C / ZAD515-5C (1 to 4 direct AC) Door phone / Interphone:Typically consist of door unit (installed at door) and room unit (installed inside room). Ideal solution to increase safety of your home and offices. Effectively avoid any unwanted visitors or possible hostile intrusion. 7in Color CCD camera allows a good visual on every incomings Secure your life style, See & Hear your visitor before letting in...

Zhianda Video Intercom Door Phone ZAD216-7C / ZAD515-5C (1 to 4direct AC) Zhianda Video Intercom Door Phone ZAD216-7C / ZAD515-5C (1 to 4 direct AC) - 1 x unit ZAD515-5C (as room unit) - 1 x ZAD216-7C (as door unit)Specifications

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