0.15mm Tinned copper clad aluminum wire(TCCA) electrical wire

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Post Date: Jul 02,2012

Product Description: 0.15mm Tinned copper clad aluminum wire(TCCA) electrical wire

 We are leading manufacture and supplier of copper clad aluminum wire (CCA), copper clad aluminum magnesium alloy wire (CCAM), tin-plating copper clad aluminum wire (TCCA). The surface is bright and smooth without any default. Therefore the copper clad aluminum wire is featured of both the small density of aluminum and the good conductivity of copper. This kind of double-metal compound wire is used as the conductor in coaxial cables, high-frequency signal transmission cables, control cables, electromagnetic wire and special enameled wire and many other fields. It not only has high signal transmission property, but also has characteristics such as low weight and low production cost.


  Detailed Product Description:
1) Diameter: 0.10- 3.0mm
2) CCA wire CCAW is mainly used as conductor under high-frequency in coaxial cable taking the place of pure copper wire
3) CCA wire CCAW is divided into soft state (A kind) and hard state (H kind)
4) CCA wire CCAW is divided into 10% and 15% two kinds according to volumetric scale of copper layer 

1) Radiating cable:
A) Inner packing: Conductor of CATV coaxial cable
B) Leaky cable
C) Inner packing: Conductor of 50Ω RF cable
D) Soft coaxial RF cable
2) Power transmission:
A) grounding wire of power cable
B) Conductor of control cable
C) Twisted pair power cable
D) Building distribution wire.

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