laser hair brush MK803(hair laser comb )

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Product Description: laser hair brush MK803(hair laser comb )

laser hair brush MK-803    1.The product was approved by international hair rebirth association2.Recommended products by the first international hair rebirth seminar3.Authoritative recommended by MK803 hair research instituteThis hair rebirth instrument was depended on the in-depth study of hair for more than ten years, continuous explored on the organization structure and life law of hair follicle cells. It is a high-tech sagacity rebirth hair instrument which integrates design by applying to scientific theory and technology, such as meridian, acupuncture, color optics, biology and spectroscopy etc. sagacity and hair rejuvenate instrument release the energy direct at hair follicle cells, and replenish energy to cell, accelerate the physical movement and metabolism of hair follicle cells, promote the blood circulate of scalp, enhance the absorption of nutrient, it is helpful to assimilate the absorbent of hair grow liquid liquor quickly and fully, so as to get a better effect of nursing hair.The energy spot inside roof of MK803 sagacity rebirth hair instrument is design by the science of channels and collaterals of traditional Chinese medicine. It is much more scientific and humanization. on the roof of inside, MK-803 sagacity and hair rejuvenate instrument have 39 energy release spots, 8 light energy radiate spots, and 4 infrared radiate spots. The function of these energy spots is as following: Function 1: Add cellular energy, slow hair follicle agingThe energy electric volt of Normal hair follicle cells is 0.06 ~ 0.07V, after the hair lose the  follicle cells will be shrinking gradually, the cellular energy electric volt drop to 0.02 ~ 0.03V, the energy that released by the sagacity rebirth hair instrument MK803 energy adherent point can effectively complement aging of the hair cells to rejuvenate the hair. Meanwhile, the hair follicle cells in the degradation process due to lacking of energy, it will become very withered, then it is difficult to absorb adequate nutrition from the outside world. The sagacity rebirth hair instrument MK803 can release energy, at the same time it can strengthen the effective absorption of the hair follicle cells to the hair growth liquid products, so that hair follicle cells acquire nutrients gradually and become full up. Function 2: stimulate cell activity,accelerate liquid penetration.MK803 sagacity rebirth hair instrument have 39 power release point, can helphair follicle cell provide adequate energy, Strengthened the cell activity of scalp and hair follicle,cell activity speed accelerated and range extension,this can effectively accelerated penetration of hair growth and absorption of liquid products.Cell in the hair follicle enhance the activity,the speed of cell metabolic will also accelerate.By use MK803 can dissolve hair follicle embolism oil, the enhance activity of hair follicle cells through metabolism exhaust the dissolve fat particles particles out of the hair follicle rapidly.  Function 3: Elimination of cell adhesion ,nutrients absorption fully.The hair follicle cell lack of energy adhesion mutually, not only the cell can not active normally, but also adhesive cell can not  absorb the required nutrition. MK803 sagacity rebirth hair instrument through energy complement,break up the adhesion cell mutually, so that each hair follicle cells can absorb the nutrition component in the liquid fully.  Function 4: hair follicle open fast, liquid permeation completelyThere are 4 points Infrared radiation for MK803 sagacity rebirth hair instrument , when the infrared radiation exposure point of the scalp, it will have a "bio-resonance" phenomenon, so that the deep part of the subcutaneous tissue temperature, resulting in thermal effects, in that case,it can quickly turn on the scalp at the top of the hair follicle and promote scalp telangiectasia, blood flow speeds up, as well the metabolic rate, which helps liquid hair growth products permeate hair follicle quickly, the vitality and regeneration of hair follicle cells will be improved too.Infrared ray stimulates Baihui Point(Regards Baihui point as central points of your head) to open hair follicle on the top of the head, so that fat embolism discharged follicles, the liquid can also penetrate to the hair root Department. Function 5: replenish the energy in-depth, consolidate the circulation of nutritionMK803 sagacity rebirth hair instrument has eight emit points of light energy. It can transport the energy which cells needed to the deep skin. Then replenish the energy to the deep layer scalp, enhance the cytoactive, improve nutrition of the nerve and blood, consolidate the normal nutrition supply function of bottom hair follicle. Meanwhile, it can accelerate the microcirculation and metabolism of the scalp blood, and accelerate the growth of scalp. When the brain is in the state of oxygen deficit, you can relax and keep clear-headed. 

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