Diode Pump Laser Marking Machine For Metal Tube/Pipe/Sheet

Price: US $ 8,000 - 50,000 / Set
Brand Name: Golden Laser
Model Number: GDBJG-8060DT
Post Date: Jul 01,2012

Product Description: Diode Pump Laser Marking Machine For Metal Tube/Pipe/Sheet

Diode Pump Laser Marking Machine For Metal Tube/Pipe/Sheet


GOLDEN LASER Series Metal Laser Cutting Machines Advantages: 


1. Cutting surface is smooth and less dross. The maximum thickness is up to 10mm (cutting mild steel). This is the maximum cutting thickness in small and medium power YAG cutting industry.

2. Stainless steel below 6mm and mild steel below 8mm can just use air to laser cut (no required oxygen gas). Good cutting effect, maximizing reducing use-cost.

3. Integrated nesting software (GOLDENLASER independently developed). Metal parts of different shapes can be auto arranged in an optimal way. Excess material nesting function enable excess material reuse. Material saving up to 8%-10% than general processing.

4. Dynamic focusing system. When cutting different thickness metal sheets and uneven materials, adjusting focus is no required, so as to achieve fast cutting and greatly improve working efficiency.

5. Rotary attachment can be optional equipped for metal tubes / metal pipes cutting and positioning punching.


GDBJG-8060DT  Laser Cutting And Marking Machine  Feature:


1. Adopt diode side pump and the solid lamp pump laser combination, especially suits a large format thin metal plate to cut and mark for making a shape at one time.


2. Compares the traditional cutting after marking, not only accurate to the position, moreover operates simply, not need to focus, enhanced the working efficiency greatly, saved the cost.


3. Suits for precision cutting and marking on metal sheet material, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, alloy steel, aluminum and alloys, copper and alloys, titanium and alloys, nickel-molybdenum alloys and so on.


Laser Cutting And Marking Machine Main Technical Parameter: 


Laser Generator

Diode side pump laser and solid-state lamp pump laser

Laser Power

500W / 650W (lamp pump laser), 50W / 100W (Diode side pump laser)

Working Area

800mm×600mm / 1300mm×2500mm

Driving System

Ball screw

Repeating Positioning Accuracy


Motion System

Digital offline motion control system, Servo motor

Cooling System

Constant temperature water chiller

Format Support

PLT, DXF, BMP, AI, DST, etc.

Power Supply

AC380V ±5% / 50/60Hz

Standard Collocation

Dynamic focusing system


 Samples Display:


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