Price: US $ 95 - 130 / Cubic Meter
Brand Name: ZR
Model Number: ZR-7090/7060
Post Date: Jul 01,2012

Product Description: cooling pad(greenhouse equipment)

wet pad/cooling system/evaporative cooling pad

ZR series evaporative cooling pad for horticultural/agricultural application

1, Harmless
2, High strenth
3, Corroding-resistant
4, Good water absorptio and stiffness,quick diffusion


Brief introduction of ZR series evaporative cooling pad:


ZR series evaporative cooling pads, are products developed for horticultural and agricultural application. Evaporative pads are made of specially formulated cellulose paper, impregnated with insoluble anti-rot salts, stiffening saturated and wetting agents. Evaporative pads have a cross fluted configuration that provides the maximum cooling when warm air goes through the evaporative pad material.

  We also supply the aluminum frame and water recycling and accessories for cooling pads installation. This is the most effective way to lower temperature in a greenhouse rapidly in summer. Water is atomized when flowing through the dampening curtain. The atomized water is blown off by the fans. 


Features and Benefits of oth eevaporative cooling pad

1.Use the new material and the spatial crossing linking technology, high absorbability, high water resistant, anti-mildew and long service life.

2.Large evaporative area, cooling efficiency as high as 80%.

3.The products include surface active agents, absorb water naturally, fast speed of pervasion, lasting effectiveness. A drop of water can diffuse in 4-5 seconds. Height of absorb water; 60-70mm/5seconds,200mm/1.5hours, can meet international standard.

4. products do not include chemicals which are allergic to the skin .It is nontoxic, harmless, safe, energy saving, environment-friendly ,practical and economic when installation and using.


The principle of cooling pad to cool:

When moisture evaporates, temperature will lower naturally. There is a thin layer of water film on the surface of cooling pad’s fiber paper shaping wavelike pattern. Thus, when suctioned in by draught fan, outdoor hot and dry air will go through the paper mat, water on the film will absorb heat in the air and vaporize. Through such a process, cool and humid air will enter into the room. The theory of cooling by cooling pad takes advantage of the combination of exhaust fan and cooling pad and artificially represents the physical phenomenon that when moisture evaporates, temperature in the room. will lower naturally.


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