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Country/Region: China
Post Date: Aug 23,2011

Product Description: Amino acid organic fertilizer 1000KG

Amino acid organic fertilizerProduct content:NPK ≥ 6% organic matter ≥ 35% amino acid ≥ 9%Raw materials:Furfural slag, humic acid, plant ashOrganic matter: 35.0% minFeaturesrich in amino acids, nucleotidesOrganic matter content (35%), easy to decompose, rich in amino acids, nucleotides (9%), enhanced soil and fertilizer, water capacity to effectively curb soil degradation. Crops can effectively stimulate root growth, stimulate crop growth. Promote the early fruits to extend the harvest period. Enhanced resistance, improvement and improve crop quality. improve the absorption and utilization of fertilizerSlow down the conversion of ammonium to nitrate, so that slowed the release of nitrogen to improve nitrogen utilization. Reduce soil phosphorus fixation, soil ahead of the release of soluble phosphorus, high utilization. And potassium in the soil aggregates to form chelate state body to control the release of potassium in the soil and leaching.easily absorbed and utilizated by cropsThree are from Kazakhstan Chunliang fermentation of organic fertilizer to remove the crude fiber, protein, and the remaining organic matter, NPK, amino acids, cell protein and various trace elements in all reservations. These nutrients come from plants, and plant nutrients needed for growth, form the most close, so the most likely to be directly absorbed by crops, reducing the conversion between the various processes.disease resistance, stress tolerance, anti-croppingThrough the improvement of soil environment,Sandouha organic fertilizer can adjust soil organic fertilizer matter and PH value.Products unique amino acids, can promote the growth of beneficial microbes in the soil breeding. To achieve the crop to drought, cold, disease, anti-cropping capacity, improve the resistance of crops.  

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