Heat Insulation And Explosion-Proof decorative window film lowes

Price: US $ 0 - 48 / Meter
Brand Name: Automotive Film
Model Number: CD330
Country/Region: China
Post Date: Aug 22,2011

Product Description: Heat Insulation And Explosion-Proof decorative window film lowes

Hangzhou guangke new window film CO.,LTD is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and developing various sorts of window films.Feature: 1.Explosion-proof  functionBroken glass in the event of an accident, it can prevent the spatter scattered broken glass,thereby protecting the safety of you and his family. 2.Preserve the privacy It can keep your privacy, but also your living space free.3.energy-efficient ( resist 58%-69% solar-thermal ), heat preservationwinter thermal efficiency it can save air condition power consumption and helps to lower energy costs.4.Enviromental protection insulate at least 99% of harmful UV rays, reduces interior fading (furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings) and helps minimize health risks.5.resist strong sunlight controlled sunshine,and reduces sunshine pollution.How to identify high-quality film1.Definition: Regardless of the color depth of film, the clarity of high-quality film at night should be more than 6m, while the inferior film will be hazy feeling bad. 2.Touch: Good membrane have thick smooth feeling, and inferior membrane feel is thin and crispy, easy to wrinkle.3.colour :The pigment of Good membrane is unmistakable in the film, durable, Not  easily discoloration. the paste process by scraper scrape will not decolorize. But the poor film's color is in the glue, after torn the film lining, scrape with the fingernail, the color has fade, on the diaphragm where has scraped by the fingernail will become transparent.during the paste process when the scraper wiper Sometimes the color will be off themselves, such membranes will lose color in the year, and fade more obvious after one year. 4.The bubble: when the car ripped the plastic lining membrane, and then reunited, the poor quality film will be bubbly. And the high-quality film remain intact. Windscreen heat proof transparent film, evolution from transparent bullet-proof membrane, and it is more than 70% light transmission.5.Insulation: solar film is good or bad depends on the insulation, and this is very difficult to the naked eye and hand identification. Through a simple test for comparison: put the glass  with the film over an iodine-tungsten lamp, no hot feeling when touch means this film is high-quality ,but if you feel hot as soon as you touch theglass, it means there’s some problem with the film, it’s a poor film.

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