PRWM-300L stainless steel hot water storage tank

Price: US $ 548 - 668 / Set
Brand Name: PHNIX
Model Number: PRWM-300L
Post Date: Jul 01,2012

Product Description: PRWM-300L stainless steel hot water storage tank

PRWM-300L stainless steel hot water storage tank  

1. Factory-made hot water tank all in one unit

4. SUS304;316L;444

5. Non-CFC Polyurethane insulation


PRWM-300L consists of

* a water cylinder with coil

* solar controller with smart touch screen

* water pump

* expansion vessel

* relevant water pipes



New arrival:PRWM-300L stainless steel hot water storage tank  

* Various designs

* Remarkably low heat loss 

Non-CFC Polyurethane insulation

* Elegance, good corrosion resistance and long-term durability.

* Heat exchangers of Inbuilt coils or out-looped coils for choice

Couple with boiler, electric heater, heat pump or solar heating system

* The anode magnesium bar inside the tank extends the lifespan

*  If the pressure is more than 0.6Mpa, the relief valve will reduce pressure and then water overflows automatically, so  that the dirt  in the tank can be drained easily.

Manufacturing process of PRWM-300L stainless steel hot water tank



What is PRWM-300L stainless steel hot water storage tank?


A hot water storage tank (also hot water tank, thermal storage tank, hot water thermal storage unit, heat storage tank, hot water cylinder) is a water tank, that is used for storing hot water for space heating or domestic use. A heavily insulated tank can retain heat for days. Hot water tanks may have a built-in gas or oil burner system, or electric immersion heaters, or may use an external heat exchanger to heat water from another energy source such as district heating, wood-burning stove, or a district heating system. And our hot water storage tank is wrapped in heat insulation(Non-CFC Polyurethane Foam), which helps much to reduce heat loss and energy consumption.


Water heater tanks may be made of copper, stainless steel, or vitreous enamel-lined carbon steel.  And our tanks include a sacrificial anode rod,which protects the tank from perforation caused by corrosion. Such protection is necessary since hot water is very corrosive to carbon steel. In this way, service life is extended.



This PRWM-300L is all in one solar unit. It is a combination of a water storage tank and solar station parts. It consists of a solar controller,  a water pump, an expansion vessel, and related water pipes. Just connect the all in one unit with a solar panel\solar collector, and connect sensors, then a solar water heater is ready.

PRWM-300L stainless steel hot water storage tank : cost effective and economical

Solar water heaters lower the cost of electric bills. A typical consumer can save about 30%-50% on his or her electric bill, while lessening the use of oil and the impact on the environment.That is why solar water heaters are so popular. So, never hesitate to choose our solar water tanks!


Certifications of PRWM-300L stainless steel hot water storage tank

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