hot selling high quality cheap price UV-CTP printing Plates China maker

Price: US $ 2.25 - 3.8 / Square Mete
Brand Name: Yuxing
Model Number: All kinds of sizes
Post Date: Jul 01,2012

Product Description: hot selling high quality cheap price UV-CTP printing Plates China maker

 Yuxing Plates

Yuxing company is the main manufacture of thermal CTP Plate,UV-CTP(CTCP) Plate,PS Plate in China .Our products are widely used in high used in high quality color printing,newspaper printing,packing printing and steel printing etc.


1.Main Technical Parameters:


                                                                       Main technical parameters

 Product Type


 Application Type

  Commercial printing,newspaper printing and light printing

 Plate Features  

  Fast sensitive speed,good flatness,large exposure and developing latitude,

  fit for any printing condition,steady quality.

 Compatible Platesetter


 Aluminium Substrate

  Southwest Aluminium Group,Mingtai Aluminium Group

 Plate Thickness


 Maximum Coil Width


 Spectral Sensitivity


 Exposure Energy

  50-60mj/ cm²

 Developing Temperature


 Developing Time



  Under yellow light


  2~98% at 200pli

 Run Length

  50,000copies unbaked,150,000copies after baking 

  (Actual run length may vary according to printing machine,ink,paper conditions)

 Shelf Life


 Storage Conditions

  The recommended storage conditions are 10-25°C,with 40%-60% humidity ,

  Away form sunlight radiation & direct sunlight ,Anti-humidity ,Anti-acid

 & alkali,Pack heigh no more than 1.5 meter.


2.Our company have the special Quality Control Center. We have an excellent staff,professional testing equipment complete processes, stringent operational requirements.So,we have reason to believe that every product is qualified for the customer. The folloeing is the picture of our staff who is doing experiments .  



 3.Operational Instructions:


In practice,the correct exposure time may vary according to the light source,bulb distance and quality of films etc.The suggested exposure level is 140 mj/cm2.


Highly recommended to use the AONE PD-1 developer,mixing as per its operational instructions,suitable for automatic processing and tank processing.The developing tempersture is  25±2°C and the developing time is around 30 seconds.


Apply a little deletions to the unwanted image area on the plate wait for 30~60 seconds,then wash it with clean water.


After deletion,spread the protection gum evently over the surface of the plate.Water-absorbing ability can be improved and applying gums guards against dust.


Spread the baking gums over the entire plate surface to increase the press life of the plates then bake the plate for 5~7 minutes with a temperature between 200~230°C,rinse it after cooling,finally apply the protection gums.


Open the package and handle the plates in yellow safe lights.Store in cool dry place,keep away from sunshine.Avoid strikes,bent and heavy pressure on it.The ideal tempreature for storage recommended is 30°Cand the relative humidity is 65%.The shelf life of the plates is normally 18 months.

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Weihui Yuxing Printing Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Contact Phone:86-371-86139129

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