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(PI8600)0.75-1.5KW AC drive/frequency inverter/VFD/VSD/VVVF/frequency converter

Price: US $ 100 - 100,000 / Piece
Brand Name: POWTRAN
Model Number: PI8600/PI8100/PI7800/PI9000
Post Date: Jun 30,2012

Product Description: (PI8600)0.75-1.5KW AC drive/frequency inverter/VFD/VSD/VVVF/frequency converter

As Chinese earlist professional manufacturer of frequency inverter based on motor design after establishment on 1984,POWTRAN always focusing on its quality ,competititive ,after-sales service,that is the reason why POWTRAN could be Chinese Pioneer brands in the freuquency inverter filed until now,even the manufacturer of frequency inverter is  upspring in China  .


POWTRAN building ,one in Shenzhen,one in Dalian, each building 10,000 square meters.


we are excellent manufacturer ,not trading company !


Application Case example:


I. Paper Plant application

II. Water-Supply  controlling system application


III. Centrifigal Pumps application


PI8600 economy 1 phase series : 0.75KW-1.5KW                          (Promotional series)




PI8100a sensorless vector control Series  (0.75KW-7.5KW)                                       HOT Series


PI7800  V/F control Powerful  series (11KW-630KW) :                                high-performance series    



POWTRAN latest new PI9000 series                                                                 New Popular series


POWTRAN frequency inverter technical information


I. Main technical data sheet


II. Working Diagram


III. Connection Diagram 


For these details information ,please freely contact with me .   Your satisfactory feeling is our goal and attention.



Jack Xing


Supplier Details:

Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales:Ms. Leed Li

Contact Phone:0086-755-29630738

Main Products:inverter,servo syste


User Reviews: (PI8600)0.75-1.5KW AC drive/frequency inverter/VFD/VSD/VVVF/frequency converter