spray dryer atomization/ spray drying equipment

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Model Number: LPG
Post Date: Jun 30,2012

Product Description: spray dryer atomization/ spray drying equipment

1.spray dryer atomization extracthas feature of momentary dry
2. maintain color and smell
3. easy operate

LPG Series High-speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer

spray dryer atomization Description:
spray drier priceis a special equipment and is suitable for drying emulsion,suspending liquid,liquor and so on .Particularly it has unique for drying polymers and resins; dyestuff and  pigment; ceramics, glass; derust agent; pesticide; carbohydrate, dariry products; detergent and surfactant; fertilizer, organic compound, inorganic compound and so on.


Its dry speed is very quick. In genral,it need 5-15 seconds. It has feature of momentary dry.
Because raw material can be dried momentarily. Especially, it is suiable for drying thermal sensitive raw materials. It can maintain color, smell and smell of raw materials.
Its operation is stable and simple. Its regulation and control is very convenient. It is easy to realize continuous operation.
The distribution, fluidity and solubility of product are good.


Principle of work:
Air is turned into hot air through air filter and heater and enters into hot ar distributor at the top of dry chamber and then enters into dry chamber and rotates in the state of helix. At the same time liquid of raw material is sent to centrifugal atomizer at the top of dry chamber pumped by pump through filter, lnwhile liquid of raw material atomizers small drops. Air ad liquid of raw material flow and contact each other fully. The moisture vaporize rapidly. Liquid of raw material is dried into finished product in a short time. The finished product is discharged through cyclone seperator at the bottom of drier. The wasted air is exhausted through fan.


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