Underground CU/XLPE/PVC Cable

Price: US $ 1 - 900 / Kilometer
Brand Name: Taifa
Model Number: power cable
Post Date: Jun 30,2012

Product Description: Underground CU/XLPE/PVC Cable


xlpe pvc cable and power armoured  cable.
Product name: 0.6/1K below for our quotation

CU/XLPE/PVC Cable(0.6/1kv PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable)
A product, characteristics and applications

(1), CU/XLPE/PVC Cable  has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, simple structure and easy to use. This product is fit for ac rated voltage U / U for up to and including 0.6/1kv transmission of lines.

(2), flame retardant, the main characteristics of CU/XLPE/PVC Cable to cable fire or burning is limited to burn delay in certain scope, suitable for cables degree of dense, subway, tunnel, high-storey building, large-scale coal mining enterprises, oil, etc.

(3), the main characteristics of refractory power cable is cable in addition to the normal working conditions in the transmission of power cable, in burning can maintain certain operating under applicable, often nuclear power station, subway, tunnel, high-storey building fire safety and fire fighting and rescue related places.


Second, use features (CU/XLPE/PVC Cable):

(1), the highest rated temperature cable conductor for 70 degrees Celsius

(2), (the longest duration short-circuit 5s) shall not exceed the maximum temperature cable conductor no more than 160 degrees Celsius.

(3), laying cable environment temperature below zero degrees Celsius, the minimum bending radius is not less than 15 times of cable diameter.

I promise, product conforms to the national standard (GB / 12706A, and has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system authentication. If the product quality problems caused by all the consequences, my company to undertake all responsibility.

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